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How you can help with my pilot!

A lot of lovely people have written to me offering help with my upcoming pilot for the Public Radio Talent Quest. Where, there are now two (count them: TWO!) ways you can chip in.

1.) Are you (or someone you know) a neurosurgeon? I have a question or two. Preferably, I’d like a lady, and someone as close to the East Coast USA as possible. Write me at [email protected] stat!

2.) The current name of the program is Curiosity, Aroused. Can you think of anything better? Post it below! I’m avoiding the terms “skepchick,” “skeptic,” etc., because I want it to be more focused on discovery and, well, curiosity. It’ll be hitting on the same topics as this blog though, like psychics and suspicious news stories and urban legends and such. Your thoughts are, as always, welcome.

Thanks pals!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. The project goes on. Good for you!

    "C.T. Girl" – (Critical Thinking, heck!).

    "Rebeccion", "Rebecked", or some variation.

  2. I really like "Curiosity, Aroused" so I'm not saying these are any better:

    Of Common Interest, with Rebecca Watson

    The Spirit of Inquiry, with Rebecca Watson

    Challenging Questions, with Rebecca Watson

    And finally:

    Wrong Things Considered, with Rebecca Watson

  3. '“Rebeccion”, “Rebecked”, or some variation.' … The Rebecconing? :P

    I really like Rebecca's title. "Aroused" is a damn good word. If you find a fun way to say it when you introduced the show, I think you're set!

    Some other suggestions: "Curiouser and Curiouser" , "Evolved Imagination"… gotta run to class. I'll keep brainstorming.

  4. What's REALLY weird is that "Curiouser and Curiouser" was on my short list already, nixed only because I stumble every time I say it (even though I was Alice in a high school production…).

  5. If you do use "curious" or its cognates, you're going to have to keep a tally of those that say "curiosity killed the cat".

    Other (weird) offerings:

    What up, universe?

    Just one more question

    The Rebecca Inquisition

  6. How about a question for the title

    What's that?


    Come again?

    Why is that?

    I can hear it now, Robert Siegel speaking,

    "And now for our segment, WTF? with Rebecca Watson"

  7. I'd suggest "Curiousisist" if that wasn't the hardest word to say, ever. It would work for a blog, though.

    It could always go more general, like "American Curiosities" (unless you don't want to geographically restrict yourself) – and it's sort of labeling the things you'll be investigating.

    Skeptigator, I suggest "Quoi?" for a little punch of the esoteric. :)

  8. Experiments in Curiosity

    For a bit of a science angle.

    Curious Discoveries

    You said you wanted to focus on discovery and curiosity, right? ;)

    What the BLEEP Do They Know?

    (Heh, heh.)

    Monkeys & Birds

    Optional subtitle: living together, mass hysteria.

  9. So you want it to be about Discovery, hmm… Wait what if you called it Discovery Institute, wait, something about that does sound right…

    What about Curiosity and Culture or something like that.

  10. You're forgetting that if you don't want to be preaching to the choir, you need to draw in people that are in need of a brush up on their skepticism and critical thinking. Thus, you should call it: The Bill O'Reilly Show

  11. I like "Buhwa??" and "Your head is more than a hatrack."

    or maybe…

    The Sharpened Mind

    Insatiable Inquirer

    Intelligent Inquiry

    Fundamental Reason/Reasoning

    Conspicuous Reasoning

  12. I wonder
    The wondering eye
    Wonder woman :-)

    Curiously yours
    Curious facts

    Hmm, that’s funny

    Why do you think so?
    Why is that?

  13. I thought of some more:

    Under the Microscope

    Through the magnifying glass

    Cultural Curiosity

    A Closer Look

    Rebecca explains it all

    Just the facts

  14. Too bad Randi already uses "Twas brillig".

    You could go minimalist and just call it "Woo".

    Or "Free Thinking"

    Or stick with the Wonderland theme: "Contrarywise" or "Of Cabbages and Kings" or "Eat Me" :)

  15. You know, Rebecca, I think you should incorporate the word Skeptical into the name. I’ve heard in interviews with skeptical writers that publishers will not publish something with skeptical in the name. It’s a shame. Skepticism is the best thing that ever happened to me.

    If we really want a skeptical movement to happen, we shouldn’t avoid using the word skeptical. Your show is an opportunity to demostrate to the world how cool skepticism is. My suggestion is:

    The Skeptical Life

    I bought the domain name a while back. If your show takes off, your welcome to it.

  16. I kind of like Schroedinger's Elephant.

    How about Diogenes' Lantern? Nah– He was a Cynic, not a Skeptic

  17. Holy mackeral, there are a lot of great suggestions here! Thanks, all. Even if I stick with Curiosity, Aroused, maybe I should grab one of these as a subtitle.

    "Ask Masters" did make me LOL, but Sam knew that would happen. Bastard.

    In regards to "Curiosity Bites," it did occur to me that "Reality Bites" would be cool and very apropos, but also maybe trademarked.

    "Killing the Cat" was another on my shortlist but wasn't sure it would connect with people.

  18. I like the “Come Again?” because I know you can say it in a really good voice that won’t make people think of sex.

    Though I really like your title. It kind of wakes you up!

    Rebecca’s Razor?

    You can be obscure, it’s NPR. How about having a different title for parts of your show? Do you have it kind of in segments like “Car Talk”? You know, “now it’s time for Rebecca’s Razor, or as I like to say KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!”

    Point out some woo explaination that really is involved…

  19. oh and whatever your title, record it and play it back see hwo you like the sound of it. Have other people say it. Does it still sound good?

    Get Carl Castle to say it.

  20. OK, I listen to A LOT of NPR, and I have not just the travel mug but also the man-purse. So that makes me an expert. :)

    Here's my suggestion for a very NPR friendly – yet subtly dirty title for your show:

    Thinking About It, with Rebecca Watson.

    You can close with, "I'm Rebecca Watson, and I hope you'll keep Thinking About It."

    And people totally will.

  21. Instead of "Curiosity, Aroused" you could drop the comma and go with:

    "Curiously Aroused" :) or "Curious & Aroused" or "Arousing Your Curiosity" with Rebecca Watson. Though you've probably considered those already.


    "Reality Check" with Rebecca Watson.

    Or you could borrow Randi's phrase and call it:

    "I Doubt That" with Rebecca Watson.

  22. I like “Full Frontal Curiosity” that someone suggested above. And it’s too long, but I was thinking, “Watson, come here, I need you.”

    Everyone above seems focused on the word ‘curious’ – but I like the word ‘critical’… how about “Critical Acclaim”? Or, “Critically Curious”?

    Though (also from above), I do like “Kill the Cat” – but that’s just me…

  23. critical is never said in a positive light. Curious doesn't have very many negative connotations these days (as opposed to many years back when 'curious' usually meant 'queer' which usually meant 'strange in a unique way');

    curiosity aroused works ok, although you're packing a double entendre and a euphemism into your title. Discovery through curiosity, Curiosity Piqued, or even just "Curious" (short and sweet).

    I think you're intending to avoid alienating an audience by the name, if so "curious" will probably garner you the biggest original market share and probably hook people who have never heard it before.

  24. The Keyhole

    Inquiring Minds

    Applied Curiosity

    Free Thought

    Sensible Sheik (/shiekh)

    Uncommon Sense

    Wandering Mind

  25. Elementary Watson.
    Wonder Pique.
    “Rebecca Thoughtsome visitors could come up with names, and all she got was this ridiculous name, though speaking of ridiculous…” show
    Voyage of Discovery.
    Vox Populi Vox Me.
    Less Wrong.
    Paradoxical and Subversive. (reference to a Russell quote)
    Skyhooks and Cranes.
    Everyone Else Is Stupid.
    The Only Magesterium. (Reference to NOMA being hogwash)
    Discovery Chick.

  26. How about:

    "You've got to be kidding"

    "You really believe that"

    "You're giving me a headache"


    "This rational life"

    "How do you get through the day"

    "What the other half believes"

    "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

    "And now for something completly different"

    "A walk on the weird side"

    "Beating back the darkness"

    "The joy of thought: a radio cookbook for rationality"

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