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Plug for the Secular Student Alliance

Hemant Mehta of friendlyatheist.com and author of I Sold My Soul on Ebay, is doing a blog fundraiser for the national Secular Student Alliance. If you’d like to learn more about the alliance or make a donation, check out his recent post on the topic (excerpts below).

When I started college, I didn’t know many other atheists. I wanted to meet more, and so with the help of another friend, we started the first group at the University of Illinois at Chicago for atheists/Humanists/etc. to discuss and debate religious issues.

Through that group, not only did I meet like-minded students, I also had the chance to meet Michael Newdow and Dan Barker, both of whom came to speak at UIC. Since our campus group was affiliated with the national Secular Student Alliance, I was ably to apply for a scholarship to attend a national conference. I received it and met dozens of other college atheists there. It was amazing to me that so many of us had similar stories, and this was our first chance to form a community outside our schools. Subsequent conferences did the same thing, and the number of students attending was constantly increasing.

Today’s secular students are tomorrow’s freethought activists. So let’s help secular students begin the new school year with a campus atheist group waiting to welcome them.


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