Not a good month for skepticism.

Early reports on the Genii (magic magazine) forums that Jerry Andrus has died (and now also on his web site). Jerry has long been a staple at The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, which is where I first met him. He was a longtime friend of James Randi and a true genius in the magic world, as demonstrated by his wonderful optical illusions.

At TAM5 there was talk of a bio in the works on Jerry’s life. I’ll certainly be grabbing that as soon as it debuts.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I used to volunteer at Boston's Museum of Science, which had several of Jerry's illusions on display. — should still be there. — 2nd Floor if anyone visits.

    I met him for the first time though at TAM 5.

  2. Wow, I hadn't realized the Paper Dragon was one of his…that has to be one of the most persistent illusions I've ever seen. Pity I'm only finding out about the man behind it now that he's died. So it goes…

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