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Aquafina, the bottled water brand produced by Pepsi, will begin labeling their bottles with “public water source,” a clear response to an increasingly vocal group of skeptics. This comes on the heels of news that the bottled water industry has hit a brave new low with the introduction of Bling H2O, a pathetically overt attempt to cash in on a growing market of wealthy ignoranti. Bling costs upwards of $40 a bottle and includes crystals glued to the packaging, plus a lot of copy telling you all sorts of pretty stories about how tasty the spring water inside is. Of all Bling H20’s crimes, though, the most ghastly is possibly their use of the word “bling” as a verb: “Do you bling?” If by “bling” you mean “cease all neurological activity when choosing a beverage” than no, I do not bling. Sorry.

By the by, from our last discussion on bottled water, a few people were wondering about whether or not fluoride is removed from water when using Pur or Brita filters. I checked out their web sites, and according to Brita their products remove only a trace amount of fluoride from water over the life of the filter. Most of Pur’s products state that they retain the fluoride, though to figure that out I had to do a Google search on the site.

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  1. I think I'm doing it wrong. Do I have to wear that thong to bling? It's starting to chafe.

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