Set your alarms….or your Tivos

Nica Lalli, author of Nothing: Something to Believe In will be on Fox & Friends (that is on the Fox News Channel–the national one) tomorrow, Tuesday May 29th at 6:20 AM.

She is doing a live segment with Kenneth Hamm, Director of the newly opened Creation Museum.

You don’t want to miss this!


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  1. Basically it was Hamm repeating "come to the museum" as many times as he could, while telling Lalli she was irrational for not believing in everything he believed in.

    The Fox host tried to cast Lalli as a kook who would object to any museum involving religion, but gave her a chance to respond and she clearly expressed the difference: Hamm's isn't a museum dedicated to knowledge about a religion. It's dedicated to promoting a belief.

    It was a funny moment when Hamm said "but that's an irrational belief" and it sounded like he was talking about "belief in God."

  2. Not to be so picky, but I've seen this a lot: it is Kenneth Ham, as in the meat that most often comes from the more clever and intelligent pig.

  3. Well, I didn't say all I wanted to during the 2.5 minute "lively exchange" with the "distinguished" Mr. Hamm. But I did get a few good ones off…my favorite was when I "misunderstood" his comment about belief in god being irrational.

    Really – what can we say to people like that? Hopefully I did some small part yesterday…in bringing the fallacy of this "musuem" into the open.

    If you really want to see inside the place go to – Hemant visited the place and his blog about it really great!


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