Please welcome Eos!

We have a new blogger on! Eos of the Eons, sometimes known as Twyla, is an incredibly bright and thoughtful young lady with a keen interest in the alternative medicine side of skepticism. Her curiosity and passion are going to be an awesome addition to the site, so look forward to reading her stuff in the coming days.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Welcome Eos, it's always fun to see that is growing. I never get enough of those articles!

  2. Welcome Eos :)

    I don't wanna just annoy people now.. but is there/will there ever be a male posting to Skepchick? Not that I think it's particularly lacking, and I know the answer is kinda in the title, but maybe a male with a skepchick outlook to his skepticism would be interesting.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    This article was released recently to the public,

    I thought you would be relieved to hear, our Western

    Medical Community,commends Alternative medicine..

    what more needs to be said?

    I'm sure they based their finding on facts,and I'm confident

    they waited as long as possible,to rely the message

    Tai chi: An ancient art that helps the heart

    The easy exercises and deep breathing of this Chinese

    martial art could offer excellent self-defense for the

    damaged or failing heart.By Harvard Health Publications….

    I must admit.I don't enjoy second hand info,So I'm not

    excited about having to hear another persons grips

    But in closing,You cant blame people who hear this stuff,

    and walk away with the understanding that some of these

    possibilities are obtainable.

    When Science and our Medical industries promote

    Alternative medicine,why criticize the everyday working schmo,

    who's only crime,is believe what the Doctors tell them?

    If you wont to battle Doctors over their analysis,be my guest,however

    It's not like people make this stuff up,we do hear and acknowledge

    wisdom of people who know better than we..

    So,I'm looking to see what expertise Eons will bring to the table,

    just another opinion wont cut-it,Either the Medical community is lying to us,

    or perhaps some of you need to reevaluate your position,considering

    Science has spoken,yet doesn't agree with you..


  4. PS it's not easy holding an objective opinion,especially here,could you at least give me some credit?

  5. "Because I made a point,or because it’s one you disagree with?"

    Because of the way you phrased it, sounds like you are trying to provoke a confrontation.

    BTW "gentle excercise helps heart in old frali folks more than hi-impact excersise." You're right, western science has embraced the woo and all of us need to change our opinions or be left behind in the wake.

    The article even explains perfectly prosacic mechanisms by which this works, nothing to do with the woo-woo spiritually-side of the tai-chi.

  6. "PS it’s not easy holding an objective opinion,especially here,could you at least give me some credit? "

    PS in seriousness, yeah you're dead right. Honestly trying to have an objective opinion is a very worth exercise and to be applauded :)

  7. Hello Liam,The Woo-woo philosophy behind Ti-chi,governs the method

    and practice within the exercise.You can't have one,without the's studied as a whole.

    Although you're not familiar with these translation,it's

    obvious what you call woo-woo,actually holds merit

    in our medical community..In either case a referendum

    is in oder

  8. > but maybe a male with a skepchick outlook to his skepticism would be

    What would a male skepchick be? A transvestyte? :-)

    Seriously, and this is entirely up to Rebecca, but I think — as you noted — there are plenty of places to read what male skeptics think. I'd rather keep this site focused and provide a space for female skeptics to speak out.

  9. So, symbollically, Eos, Greek goddess of the dawn, will herald the coming light of the Sun. Now, the light of skepticism. Sounds great! :-)

  10. Hello writerdd,are you serious?

    Because if that's the case,you shut-out 1/2 of Rebeccas

    marketing target,for all those naked calendars..

    Or are you intending to appeal to a particular audience?

    I wasn't aware this is an all girls club,who swings that way,

    but I admire your strategy it's freaking brilliant.

    Get rid of the boys to hit on all the chicks..

    However I like rebeccas' judgment,I had no Idea you

    felt differently,yet since she's having much success with this board,

    maybe her wisdom,a little better than yours..

    I hope you enjoyed the article I posted,and I hope

    you don't discriminate against facts,just because a boy,

    should you so..V..

    PS don't hate me,cause I pee standing up

  11. Hm, after two weeks of casually looking around, I thought I had finally figured out how to combine all "Van Helsing's" posts with those of his original name, "Mikal Dmon." Apparently though, it just deleted the sock puppet. Oh well! Ha ha…

  12. I hope I'm never presumed of being a Demon..Or a boy for that matter..

    Tai chi is a healthy exercise of slow rhythm breathing,

    and series of movements,commonly known as walking meditation..

    The stretching,and turning flow of movements,become an exercises,

    that's a great stimulant, to a body natural immune system.

    The Chinese have known this for centuries..

    We're just figuring out..


  13. @Van Helsing: Considering that the site is called skepchick, I would have thought it obvious to any visitor that the main contributors at least would be of the female variety. For the misogynist there are plenty of sites that will fulfil their needs. Personally, I come hear as a male knowing that I am reading a variety of female views on all things that interest them, especially sceptical ones. Additionally, I have seen no attempt to silence male replies to any posted articles. So we have plenty of room to make any comments we deem appropriate and many appear to enjoy contributing and responding to an all female line up. I would also say from my regular visits here that the last thing I would accuse any of the skepchicks of is hating males, quite the opposite would be my assessment. Sadly, being an all female line up doesn't appear to keep you and your repeated infantile attempts at provocation away after all, so where's the beef.

    P.S. V-H: Many martial arts needlessly espouse a degree of woo woo in their teachings. However, if you ignore the woo woo it can still be an effective self defence method. As long as you concentrate on the martial arts and not the woo woo that is. Tai chi is similar, i.e. a series of low stress exercises that have benefit to participants irrespective of the woo woo. I use a similar low stress exercise regime to help me combat the physical problems of my arthritis with not a trace of any woo woo and it works. I.e it is the low stress physical exercise itself that is of benefit not the woo woo.

  14. Dear John,

    "Memoirs of a Skepchick"implies only one person.

    used before plural nouns,that are preceded by a

    quantifier singular in form a hundred men (compare

    hundreds of men); a dozen times (compare dozens of times).

    It's natural to assume,Rebbeca skeptic blog,

    doesn't necessarily exclude any particular gender,

    from her message board.If so,this should be posted,

    and followed to the letter..Good bye John..

  15. The study of T'ai Chi Ch'uan involves three primary subjects:

    Health : An unhealthy or otherwise uncomfortable person will

    find it difficult to meditate to a state of calmness or to use T'ai Chi

    as a martial art.

    T'ai Chi's health training therefore concentrates on relieving

    the physical effects of stress on the body and mind. Meditation

    The focus meditation and subsequent calmness cultivated by the

    meditative aspect of T'ai Chi is seen as necessary to maintain optimum health (in the sense of effectively maintaining stress relief or homeostasis) and in order to use it as a soft style martial art. Martial art :The ability to competently use T'ai Chi as a martial art is said to be proof that the health and meditation aspects are working according to the dictates of the theory of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.'ai%20chi

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