Jerry Falwell kicks the bucket!

Sad that a human has died. Relieved that an awful human has died. Happy that someone on my death list died, giving me 27 points. More info on CNN.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Well, it's a shame that the religious right is something like a hydra. I'm sure that in no time two more Falwell-esque heads will rise and continue promoting the anti-science agenda.

    As you said, sad that a human has died, and I'm sure that the people who care about him will be quite upset. Me? Not so much; I've got to cook dinner.

  2. I'm just concerned that there will be a flood of donations to his various organizations which will just cause more evil in the world.

  3. Falwell's death at 73, like Jack Valenti's recent death at 85, is little cause for celebration. They both had a long, full life of sinister machinations, so their deaths are in no way a victory for us; more like a lifetime achievement award in the field of evil. Chronoassassains take note: the right time to kill Hitler is in the trenches in 1916, not in the Furherbunker in 1945.

    On the other hand, it's a great symbolic victory. I'm reminded of the beginning of the movie Tillsammans, where people are dancing and singing because General Franco is dead. Happy day!

    "Happy that someone on my death list died, giving me 27 points."

    Which prompts the question: who else is on your death list?

  4. In response to the mini thread about people choosing their sexuality, I feel I must disagree a bit with the common tone. I agree that people cannot choose their sexuality, however I believe what the fundies object to IS a choice. That choice is acting on one's desires. You can't control who you are attracted to, but you do decide who to have sex with.

    Personally I believe as long as all interested parties consent, nothing is imoral sexually, do whatever floats your boat so long as it agreed to all around by sound minded people, and doesn't violate any reasonable laws (performing taboo acts on your wife is ok, but choking her to death even if she says it is cool, isnt).

    Just keep that in mind when arguing with fundies, they object to the choice of the act or "lifestyle", and saying you can't choose who you are goes right over their heads.

    Then again so does fact and logic and reality, so maybe this whole post is meaningless..

    As for whether or not Mcviegh was a patriot, he may well have been, if he truely loved his country, well, that is pretty much accepted as patriotic these days. He was certainly a terrorist and a coward, but that doesn't exclude him from also being a patriot. And it doesn't diminish the title of patriot for those of us who consider ourselves the same, and don't bomb day care centers.

    And finally, to keep this relevant to the thread, Falwell's death is probably a short term bad thing for those of us who oppose his views, as he is now a martyr and will probably inspire many people to carry on his legacy.

    One can only hope that the masses of ignorant and bigotted people who follow the likes of Falwell continue to decline…

  5. holy cow, someone delete that please, it is on the wrong forum! I am such an idiot, lol

    Well, it is 0340 and I have been at work since 8am the previous day, so don't hate me…

  6. Apart from his family, the only sadness the rest of us should feel about Fallwell dying is that it took him all of 73 years to do so. For there are some people the world is truly better off without and he has proved time and again that he is one such.

  7. In regards to the Pool, yes, I started a Celebrity Death Pool among friends at my previous job. Everyone throw in $5 and chooses 20 celebrities from all fields who may die in 2007. When a celeb on the list dies, the person who chose them receives 100 – the age at death, so I get 27 for Falwell (100-73). I have a long way to go, though, to catch up to my friend who chose Anna Nicole for a whopping 61 points. Other names I have include Jim Bakker, Katie Homes, Gary Busey, Gorbachev, and Solzhenitsyn. I considered Vonnegut but just didn't have the (morbid) heart.

  8. Man, Hitchens bitchslaps Falwell all over the place! ("Oh, attacking a man [of GAWD!] when he's dead, how dare he!")

    Amazing what he can do when sober. ;)

  9. I did not LIKE the man. He was not Adolf Hitler so its not like I'd dance on his grave or anything. He was very ignorant and contributed to the dumbing down of the USA.

    Hey, as a kid I was beat up because a bunch of moron's "thought" I was a homosexual. I was not but despite his professions of religion, he has furthered the cause of hate.

    Most of the time though, I will be on the side of the gays, except when they give unasked for sexual attention. (That happened to me before too by a gay "friend".)

    I respect those that respect others.

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