Creation Museum Carnival

For those who might have missed it, Pharyngula has a well-organized collection of reactions to the Creation Museum. I can’t bring myself to write about it (Oh, the humanity!), so wanted to make sure you all saw it :)


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  1. For all their talk about the bible being the literal truth and such they are completely dependent on the products of science to populate there displays. The only thing they put forth is poorly throught out spin, its all rather sad.

  2. I think my dvr must be malfunctioning. It sounded like Ham said that a non-belief in God is a "blind faith," and that there is plenty of "evidence" that "conforms" to the Bible? Oh no he di'n't!

    Earlier in the show there was that little debate about Hillary Clinton that also made the person on the left (of the screen) look like a tunnel-visioned lunatic.

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