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Husbands say the funniest things…

Last night I was talking to my husband about Prof Robert Winston, the scientist and all-round nice TV guy. I was sure that he was a Lord, but wanted confirmation from Phil. For those who don’t know, a Lord is a member of the British House of Lords, part of Parliament but with fewer powers than regular politicians.

Me: “I think Robert Winston is a Lord. Does that sound right?”

Phil: “No idea”

Me: “Hmm, I wonder if there are any other Jewish Lords?”

Phil: “Lord Jesus Christ”

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  1. Robert Winston is Lord Winston of Hammersmith (the London Borough where his hospital is). There are other Jewish peers. We even have a couple of Muslim peers, just so they don't flip out and behead the prime minister.

  2. I would like to see Jesus in the House of Lords. I might make a comic strip of that, it would be great.

  3. I can buy one of those?

    No…no…I must stick with my doomsday-device/force-the-world-to-recognize-my-greatness plan. I've already come so far.

  4. The name "Lord Levy" gathers together several of the themes in this discussion …

    Incidentally, do you know why the Duke of Edinburgh keeps his chamber pot on top of the wardrobe? Apparently he's the highest peer in the land.

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