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When creationists shake their little fists, jump up and down, and yell, “My grandpa weren’t no monkey!” I like to imagine what they must think we mean when we explain that humans and apes descended from a common ancestor. I’m pretty sure they’re thinking of some kind of monkey/human hybrid walking around in bibbed overalls. A cool web site that transforms photos with the click of a button now lets you see what your ancestor might have looked like, if the world worked the way creationists seem to think scientists say it does.

I uploaded this photo (it was harder than I thought to find an appropriate photo; they suggest you be looking straight at the camera with mouth closed. I do not close my mouth often):

One click and the system monkey-fied it thusly:

Hee hee!

Some of the other results were fun, too. The “old” filter is eerily amazing. I’m one hip granny:

While the “baby” filter is charmingly odd:

My favorite is the one in the style of Mucha:

Go have fun with it!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. Holy freakin crap, Rebecca, if you had ANY idea how much time this thing has made me waste…wow.

    I might post some of my more, shall we say, interesting morphs over in my blog sometime soon. I'm finding that I look quite consistent as an 'East Asian'

    Oh, and if I ever have a child, I think I could do a lot worse than 'Baby Rebecca' up there…adorable!

  2. Hilarious! Now I have incentive to figure out how to upload an appropriate photo. As if I needed another time-suck… ah well.

    Thanks nonetheless, Rebecca.

  3. When I saw your Mucha style one the first thing that popped into my head was Who's afraid of Viriginia Wolf or a Woody Allen film character, he he, but I like it. I'm just glad I don't have any photos of myself to upload and morph or I might break the Interweb. Though, then again, some of them might be an improvement on reality :)

  4. "I do not close my mouth often."

    God, don't I know it. Why don't you try letting someone else get a word in for a change? ;)

    I don't have any head-on pictures of myself — don't ask me why –, and I don't feel like snapping a new one with my iSight. Mainly because I just got up and haven't showered yet, so I don't even want to consider what ridiculous things my hair is doing at the moment. However, I ran one of my many vanity headshots (cough) through the thing. Most of the results were weird, because I wasn't looking head-on like the algorithm assumes, but nonetheless the mangaficiation produced an interesting result.

    Especially interesting because I already know what I look like as a manga character.

  5. Oh, that is so much fun! (At least until my browser froze right when I got tired of me pictures and started to fool around with other people's pics.) I like my baby and manga pictures best even though I look like a big-eyed Kewpie doll. The ape picture might be an improvement…

    Yeah, "baby Rebecca" with glasses is cute. I think glasses make the pictures more interesting; alas, I don't wear them.

    BTW, doesn't Java have a great logo?

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