Why Should Your Doctor Study Evolution?

In case you didn’t see it–The Alliance for Science is sponsoring an essay contest for High School students. They have to write an essay of not more than 1,000 words by March 31st on this topic:

Why would I want my doctor to have studied evolution?

There are some very nice prizes for both students and the Teachers of the winners, so you might want to pass this on to your local High School.


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  1. How about a very short essay:

    "So s/he won't be a total retard."

    Short, to the point and says that people who don't know about evolution are, in fact, retards. What was first place, again?

  2. Um, because evolution is the basis for all modern biology, INCLUDING MEDICINE?


  3. Hey, some teachers could get into some serious trouble for participating in this. It's not as much of a "DUH!" as you'd think.

    (ok, well it *is*, but you know what I mean. )

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