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Under the Sea

I want an undersea laboratory, just like the one currently being built in Monterey Bay, California. Of course, it goes without saying that I also want a volcano lair.

Seriously, though, this underwater lab is a neat project. Scientists will end up with a large amount of useful data and real-time observational ability.


Evelyn is a geologist, writer, traveler, and skeptic residing in Cape Town, South Africa with frequent trips back to the US for work. She has two adorable cats; enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking; and has a very large rock collection. You can follow her on twitter @GeoEvelyn. She also writes a geology blog called Georneys.

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  1. If you ever get a Volcano Lair or Undersea Lab, can I come stay with you??

    I'm quite skinny, but I would make an excellent creepy-looking henchman type!

  2. I find the last ten to twenty years of deep sea exploration and science just as fascinating as the last two decades of space exploration.

    Be sure to make the most of your upcoming research cruise, Evelyn. It sounds like an ideal opportunity to scout potential locations for an undersea volcano lair…

  3. That article is somewhat sparse with the details of the lab. Sounds cool, but it seems like they are going to be putting a whole bunch of lab equipment underwater and monitoring it from dry land. Maybe I'm in the wrong field, but my understanding is that most of the scientific process is fixing broken instruments, and that seems like it'll be hard to do when all your instruments are so deep under water. :-p Then again, those astronomers seem to do well throwing their instruments into space, so who knows.

  4. I find the last ten to twenty years of deep sea exploration and science just as fascinating as the last two decades of space exploration.

    You should have been around for the twenty before that. I remember going to see a film by Jacques Cousteau when I was a kid–this would have been back in the mid sixties. I don't remember a lot about it, but they had this undersea colony and a small sub that looked like a flying saucer that could dive really deep and took some footage of marine life that was totally unknown at the time. Cousteau was awesome.

  5. In order to rate a volcano lair, you have to be a villain. You should start being meaner now. Expatria already volunteered to be a minion. Kick him for no good reason.

  6. No no no, never kick your minions! Good and loyal minions are hard to come by! Here's the rules you need to follow to be a succesful supervillian : http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html

    Back on topic – I have a friend who works for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and while they are not working directly on MARS (the name of the project in question) they have had the opportunity to see some of the tech that is being deployed – very cool stuff. The rover especially so! I look forward to seeing some of the work the produce – should be facinating stuff.

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