Randi vs. Hydrick–one from the archives

A short note to say that has posted video of James Randi cleverly exposing James Hydrick in the 1970’s. :D (the finger movements are hysterical!)
Well done, Mr. Randi!


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  1. 1) I've been lurking this blog and really enjoy it. I read it daily.

    2) Search for Hydrick on YouTube. They give you a URL for embedding. Don't know how to help you with the

  2. Wow, talk about stalling. That guy is so lame. Static electricity is created when you heat plastic foam with lights? That's news to me.

  3. He should have just explained that it was a wave of psychic force so of course it would move the styrofoam, too. Then he could have done his trick and pointed to the scattered foam as proof of his psychic power! The hucksters of today know how to lie their way out of such situations.

  4. It is a video on YouTube, and clicking on it takes you to the YouTube page. Then it should be a simple matter of pasting the code in. Like this: (he says, not at all suprised if this a) doesn't work, and b) doesn't make it through the moderation filter.)

  5. If you check his wikipedia entry, there's a link there to an article in which he confesses to faking this in order to get attention. Apparently he was in solitary for a while in prison, and he practiced this breath trick a lot to pass the time.

  6. Wow that was hard to watch, I know he's a loser but it's hard to watch someone go down in flames like that.

    Check out the clip from 'That's Incredible'. The rolling stick demonstration, now that's incredible!

    James Hydrick

    Then check out how to do the tooth pick trick here.

    Tooth Pick Trick

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