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Introducing MIT-AAH

The MIT Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists Group has been inactive for several years. As far as I can tell, the group hasn’t been very active since 1998. There is an out-of-date website for the group, but the officers listed on that page have long since graduated.

Inspired by Greg Epstein and other Humanist friends over at Harvard, I have decided to revive the MIT-AAH group.

First Step: Take over the group with my friend Scott, a fellow geology grad student and atheist. In the interest of getting things started, we’ve elected ourselves Czar and Czarina of MIT-AAH.

Second Step: Refurbish the website. The current site is ugly and difficult to navigate, so we’re going to do some serious overhaul in the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry… Scott will keep me from making the site too feminine and pretty.

Third Step: Organize events! We plan to start small, with a dinner and discussion or a movie night. We’ll work our way up to events such as bringing speakers on campus.

Fourth Step: Recruit members and helpers! Are you an MIT student and want to become involved with MIT-AAH? Send me an email at: Scott and I certainly want to open MIT-AAH to the community, too. If you live in the Boston area, you’re welcome to become involved with the club. Have a suggestion for an event? Let me know!

I’ll keep you posted about our revival of MIT-AAH. There are some exciting plans afoot!  


Evelyn is a geologist, writer, traveler, and skeptic residing in Cape Town, South Africa with frequent trips back to the US for work. She has two adorable cats; enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking; and has a very large rock collection. You can follow her on twitter @GeoEvelyn. She also writes a geology blog called Georneys.

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  1. Clearly, I am an overachiever… but these days I try to only overachieve for good causes. Besides, I'm making Scott do most of the work, currently.

  2. Evelyn is well on her way to rivaling rebecca as a C-list internet celebrity. Now also the head of her own organisation, well, sort of anyway ;)

  3. Damnit. Once again I'm harmed by my being in England. Now I have to miss the Evelyn vs. Rebecca Jell-o Battle for eFame Supremacy! Curse my exile on this rainy island!! :-P

  4. Great job, Evelyn! Expat, no need for us to Jello wrestle over it — we shall combine our powers of awesomeness to become even awesomer than you could possibly imagine.

  5. If I imagine the most awesome skepchick ever, then she would be even more awesome if she existed, therefore the combi Rebevlyn must exist!

    Who doesn't love ontology.

  6. I remember the Tufts group from days past! I work for a non-profit that helps secular students start and successfully run campus freethought groups.
    We offer our official affiliate groups project grants, a speakers bureau, business cards, conference travel grants, full-time staff support and more! Once you get the Tufts group up and running, please affiliate with the Secular Student Alliance!

    I’m glad Greg was able to help you start getting things together (Greg is working with me and the SSA to hold a joint conference at Harvard this April.

    I’m really excited about having the group back up and running! Send me an email anytime with questions and such!
    [email protected]


    Senior Campus Organizer
    Secular Student Alliance
    [email protected]

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