No, that’s not TAM Roman Numeral 5; it’s V as in Victor, or Virtual. I saw from the responses to Rebecca’s TAM5! post that I’m not the only skeptic moping around at home instead of living it up in Vegas, so I’ve done my best to create TAMV from resources available on the net. Hope you like it.

First, here’s a video photo montage from PAMs (that’s P as in previous, prior, past…or insert your own P word). (Pictures aquired from the net.)

Photos from PAMs

And here are videos of guest speakers at PAMs, courtesy of YouTube.

James Randi & Richard Dawkins at TAM4

Penn & Teller at TAM4 (part 1)

Penn & Teller at TAM4 (part 2)

Richard Wiseman’s Magic Square (kind of like Sudoku)

That’s what I was able to find. If you have more, please post a link in the comments!

In closing, I’d like to wish the best of luck to Rebecca on her presentation tomorrow! Hoping to see the clip on YouTube…

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