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Okay, damn it, I had an entire long screed on TAM5 written out when Firefox crashed. Damn you Firefox! Ahem.

The jist is this: I’m about to hop on a plane to Vegas to enjoy a week of outrageously nerdy fun, and I hope you’re coming, too! If you are, I insist you introduce yourself. Even if I’m in the middle of talking to someone else or doing something else, please politely interject to say hi — if I’m too busy, I’ll thank you and then tell you to buzz off, no harm done. I’ll be flitting all over Vegas, but here are some key times to catch me:

Thursday night: I’m playing in a poker tourney to benefit JREF. I haven’t played in a year at least, so I’ll probably be out a few moments after beginning, but during that brief period you can find me in the Riviera poker room!

Friday night: At 6pm immediately following the conference, I’ll be joining my fellow podcasters Jay, Bob, Steve, and Evan for drinks over at — gulp — Quark’s Bar at the Las Vegas Hilton across the street, and fans of the podcast are welcome to join us. This is some kind of nerd paradise, where nerds go to eat nerdy food and drink nerdy drinks. I present for you the following IM conversation I just had with Jay:

[10:58:23 AM] jay says: yo
[10:58:45 AM] Rebecca says: hey, did we ever set a time for all of us to get together for drinks with fans?
[10:58:52 AM] jay says: no
[10:58:57 AM] jay says: lets do it
[10:58:59 AM] Rebecca says: hm. ok.
[10:59:37 AM] jay says: when shold we do it?
[10:59:48 AM] jay says: I mean meet the fans
[10:59:59 AM] Rebecca says: how about Friday night right after the conference?
[11:00:03 AM] Rebecca says: and yeah, we’re not ever “doing it.”
[11:00:05 AM] jay says: perfect
[11:00:16 AM] jay says: ok if you are so sure
[11:00:29 AM] Rebecca says: oh I’m sure.
[11:00:39 AM] jay says: yay!
[11:01:12 AM] Rebecca says: so, Friday at 6pm
[11:01:11 AM] jay says: dork
[11:01:17 AM] jay says: ok
[11:01:18 AM] Rebecca says: but where, is the problem
[11:01:25 AM] jay says: relax over there
[11:01:35 AM] Rebecca says: There aren’t any good bars at the riv
[11:01:41 AM] Rebecca says: but we could go over to the hilton
[11:01:57 AM] jay says: I think thats a good idea
[11:02:09 AM] Rebecca says: sigh. we could go to the star trek bar.
[11:02:33 AM] jay says: bob wants to alot!
[11:03:19 AM] jay says: thats a good spot
[11:03:29 AM] jay says: lets make it happen
[11:03:39 AM] Rebecca says: ok
[11:03:44 AM] Rebecca says: I’m posting a schedule to my blog
[11:03:51 AM] Rebecca says: can you start a thread on the forum?
[11:04:19 AM] jay says: its just called the star trek bar?
[[11:04:40 AM] Rebecca says: hold on lemme ask
[11:04:43 AM] jay says: ok
[11:07:50 AM] Rebecca says: hahhahaha:
[11:08:48 AM] Rebecca says: ok so yeah, it’s at the hilton all right.
[11:09:19 AM] jay says: no !!!
[11:09:23 AM] jay says: we have to do it there!
[11:09:28 AM] jay says: come on its fun!!
[11:10:13 AM] Rebecca says: calm down nerdkins, I’m saying that yes, Quark’s bar is at the Hilton.
[11:10:32 AM] jay says: ok..sorry
[11:10:39 AM] jay says: dont be sore
[11:10:47 AM] jay says: im very excitable
[11:11:03 AM] Rebecca says: I can tell

Also Friday night is the Pajama Party! If you’re a skepchick, seek out Girl 6, a lovely lady who is handing out registration packets Thursday. She’ll let you know the sooper seekrit location! No boys allowed.

Saturday night: I’m throwing the 2007 Forum Party, sponsored by Skepchicks, Ltd! The location is TBD since I won’t know what room we have until I get to Vegas. Please check in with me or see the bulletin board that I’m sure will be in the conference lobby somewhere. It starts at 8pm and there will be food, drinks, and music. Donations at the door are much appreciated!

Sunday: I’m giving a presentation! Make sure you’re in the conference room at 10:30am (right after the coffee break) so you can cheer me on!

So there you go, ample opportunity to say hello. None of you have any excuses left — not even that lame excuse of “I’m not going to TAM.” LAME. Just get there. See you all soon!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Me three. :-(

    Sorry Rebecca but unfortunately for the purposes of celebratory posting probably everyone going to TAM is getting organised not moping on the net wishing they were going!

    (I base this on three out of three comments so my theory must be 100% accurate).

    My plan is to see you guys in 2008 or possibly 2009. Give me a break – it costs a lot of money to get to Las Vegas from Sydney!

    I hope you have a fantastic time though and please post us lots of details of the fun.

  2. I'm totally looking forward to TAM5 and how I'll TOTALLY be spending it here in London doing boring research and weeping silently to myself…

    Heh, just kidding. I really wish I could go, but I'll just have to do it in a year when I've not decided to split the country. Have fun :)

  3. For all us people who wont be there, we will hopefully be getting reports from Rebecca, and Steve, and Phil Plait, and Derek and Swoopy, and all the other blogs and podcasts of people who are going. These will encourage us to save for next years TAM which will then be the best evah. Cos we'll be there instead of sitting at home eating our own (non-Noka!) chocolate…

  4. Damn you all! Have fun!

    (Why couldn't have TAM5 coincided with that IT conference my company sent me to? Stupid Las Vegas! Stupid company!)

  5. Well I'll deffiniatly be able to make it over there, I get out of class at 5pm so it's a hop skip jump drive park hop again skip becuase I like it and then order a drink away from campus.

  6. I just saw what your little speaking thing is going to be called.

    How to Be a C-List Internet Celebrity in Just 30 Days


  7. Have fun, skepchicks! The canyon walks sounds beautiful. If I ever get to Vegas, I know that's what I'll want to see the most.

  8. I would dearly love to meet Rebecca. I'm still on medications after losing Guess What's In Rebecca's Box (No lewd comments, N.R. Miller. It's too easy!) I have also long been a fan of Phil Plait and would like to meet him, as well. I couldn't go to Dragoncon to meet him and I can't go to TAM. :(

    I hope Rebecca has enough chocolate to go with all this whine. :)

  9. *doh!*

    I am so going to go next year!

    I have to start the savings drive now but I cannot stand missing this every year!

    Rebecca, I'll be seeing you in my dreams of TAM5.

    I expect all that are attending to have a kick@ss time to make up for all of us MIA.


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