Sylvia on CNN

Awesome! Skepdude Rob Lancaster and Randi appeared on CNN, critiquing Sylvia’s performance. Well done!
Watch the video here.

Also, Montel Williams is clearly shown for what he is– an apologist for a predatory fraud. Huzzah!

In other news: we now have two hamsters, Patsy and Loretta. (Hubby is a country music fan.) Cute Overload!


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  1. It has been a long time since I've seen such a sober and critical look at the paranormal on tv! Granted, I think CNN and Cooper are probably more interested in the story angle of Brown being wrong than in actually educating people, but that was nice.

    Great to see Randi! Thanks for posting.

  2. A very nice debunking job. Those folks who want their money back from Brown should get together and release a collection of their phone sessions with her. Maybe Randi or someone else could contribute and list the cases where she's been wrong or flat-out lying. That might help put a dent in her reputation with the slightly less-credulous.

  3. I hope this marks a trend in the media to do it's job – exposing frauds.

    Also, insane cute hampster.

  4. Interesting. Although I am surprised about the poll of "psychic believers" being at 13%, very very low. I would like to see the actual question, as I think the guy mentions during one breakdown "8% of people said they rang a psychic hotline". This is completely different to believing in psychics.

    (That said, suggesting that not many people do believe can only help our side. :) )

  5. About time this harpy and her ilk and their practises were exposed to the light. Let's hope it is the first of many such programs.

  6. Wow, I'm surprised to see something like that on CNN.

    What surprises me more though is that people in the South and Midwest are actually less likely to believe in psychics than people on the east and west coasts.

  7. For the south, anyway, that's easy to explain. And I think it relates to the question asked, again.

    Nearly all southern Baptists are Very against all things occult, including psychics. I suspect that a lot of people said no, simply because they we keeping the party line.

    if you look at surveys of college students in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, the numbers are much higher–more like 30%.

  8. Good clip. Watching Sylvia tell these people their children are dead or alive makes me nauseous – preying on desperation is obscene. Worse is all the false leads that waste investigative time.

    I was watching the movie "The Illusionist" with Edward Norton yesterday, which was a so-so movie, but it did highlight that even when you tell people it's an illusion or magic trick they still want to believe, especially in regards to talking to the dead.

    I thought the first hamster picture was cute, but seeing that little guy trying to shove a grape in his mouth is SUPERcute

  9. You're absolutely every right to be upset about this

    and Sylvia should immediately issue an apology..

    I wrote her recently and asked politely to stop

    putting herself in this exact type of scenarios.Had she

    heeded my omen,this might of went over better for her..

    but no one listens to me,I'm an "idiot"..

    Take care M.Dmon

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