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Skepchick Costumes

Since we’ve been posting cool costume pics from the past, here’s my NASA flight suit pic from last Halloween: Halloween 2006. (This was taken at our work party during the day, which is why everyone, including me, looks so thrilled). I actually had to dig this costume out of the boys section because, unless you’re creative enough to make your own costume (like Rebecca and Evelyn), mostly what you have to choose from is sexy doctors/nurses/policewomen/disneycharacters,etc.

Anyone else have a skepchick/dude costume pic?

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  1. Ugh, my Halloween costume was awful. and I think I already posted links to a picture of it somewhere on this website or the JREF. You'll just have to look for it :P

  2. Well, I'm a goth, so my costumes are actually everyday wear.

    But what's wrong with sexy costumes? You made a great sexy, I-can't-wait-for-this-party-to-be-over, astronaut! ;)

  3. Cause nothing says "sexy" quite like exposing tender flesh to the cold vaccuum of space? Your suggestion sounds like exactly what she WASN'T going for :p

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