Yet more technology and lawsuits!
I’ve been reading with interest the fight over the name iPhone between Apple and Cisco. See, Cisco owns the trademark iPhone. Apple has released a product called the iPhone. Lawsuit ensues. General consensus is that “iPhone” is so generic, Apple will win that dogfight.

The funny thing about this is that Apple has been suing people right and left for using the i[whatever] name. iBuzzMost notably, the iBuzz, a vibrator. In the words of the company, “they were objecting to the animation showing silhouettes of girls diddling themselves silly with white vibrators.” Apple also sued a Japanese company that sold a toy called the gPod. (I leave the details to your imagination for that one.)

What does this have to do with Skepchick? Not much really, but the iBuzz amused me, and I also note the proliferation of prefixes.
For example, you can buy an awesome pair of SkepPanties at our online SkepStore!
Also, I’d like to put it on record that the new iPhone makes me wetter than a session with an iBuzz, and I hereby declare the Apple iPhone the official SkepPhone. I suggest that someone donate several of these to Skepchicks Ltd., so that we can test them. Research purposes, you know.


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  1. Dammit. Now I really wish I had managed to publish my science-fiction novel back in 2005. I would have predicted the iPhone (though my imaginary people called them “palmtops”, just to be old-school). Also, I would have predicted the upsurge of Intelligent Design creationism. Now, if I ever find somebody daft enough to print it, I’ll just look like a follower.

    Hmmm. Time to invent new predictions! And this post is giving me prophetic inspiration already. . . .

  2. "Also, I’d like to put it on record that the new iPhone makes me wetter than a session with an iBuzz,"

    I love bug_girl.

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