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Happy Halloween!

You guys are fabulous. Yesterday, I basically checked out and left it up to all of you to discuss Richard Dawkins, and boy did you. The conversation is still going over there if you haven’t checked it out yet – some terrific posts there.

So it’s Halloween! I came to work dressed as a roller derby girl, since I happen to have all the right equipment. Quad skates, knee pads, helmet, knee-high socks, bright red shorts, tank top, black eye. The black eye is technically just make-up, but it looks pretty fantastic. I even got some votes for best costume at the lunchtime work party, though the prize went to a drunk, smoking nun.
I did win for “creepiest dish” for the kitty litter cake I made. It looked great, with crumbled cake, cookies, and various puddings for the litter and of course, melted Tootsie Rolls for the kitty turds. It all went into a litter box with a scoop to get it out, set on top of newspaper. It’s all in the presentation.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t see anyone dressed as “sexy” anything except for two girls, one of whom was Cat Woman and one was Supergirl. But, all of the IT department was dressed as superheroes, and it’s tough to not be a sexy superhero. Even the guys’ suits had big fake muscles, so that’s rather equal opportunity sexiness. For some definitions of “sexiness.”

I should be able to report back tomorrow with tales of sexy costumes, as I’ll be bar hopping (skating) after work. I hope I see a sexy fast food worker!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I think any Roller Derby Girl costume automatically qualifies as a "sexy" costume. Sorry, there's no escaping it!

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