We’re going to live forever!

This just in: scientists confirm the obvious! Check out this article from the New York Times about the psychological call of fame (FAME!). From the text:

Many prominent novelists, actors, writers and musicians find lasting satisfaction in seeing others moved by their work. And the limos and V.I.P. seating and private beach parties cannot be too difficult to endure.

I wonder how big a motivator fame is for purveyors of pseudoscience. I often hear the excuse, “Why would she lie about talking to the dead? She doesn’t even charge money!” This assumes that money is the only possible motivator, but surely the lure of fame can be just as seductive. “Fame” doesn’t even need to apply to the world at large — one can derive a lot of satisfaction out of being famous amongst even a small community.

So what to do when you’re one of those people who desire fame above all else? What if you have no obvious talents for song or dance or acting? What if you didn’t have the good fortune to share some DNA with a billionaire? What if no one bothered to download your night-vision sex tape on YouTube? Tapping into your difficult-to-verify paranormal powers might just be your ticket to Montel.


Also (I can’t believe I forgot to mention this), everyone say happy birthday to our blog-writing ultra-hot calendar-girl entomologist, Bug_Girl!

Rebecca Watson

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