Religion and Hate, Together Again!

I am so angry I can’t even think of an interesting and engaging way to begin this post.Take THAT, religion.

Catholic Charities of Boston was created to facilitate adoptions. What a good and decent thing to come of religion. Let’s forget about the hate and the crusades and the stupidity, just for a second, and focus on helping innocent children grow up in a loving environment.

Catholic Charities of Boston no longer facilitates adoptions. This past week, they announced that because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandated that they had to consider gay families equally with straight families, they’d just take their ball and go home. Because you see, it’s more important to the Catholic Church that they continue to hate people based on who they love rather than save children from a life of misery and poverty.

Did you get that?

Now, it’s no surprise that the Catholic Church is bigoted against homosexuals. Just a few months ago they announced that gays would no longer be allowed in the clergy (but straight pedophiles are still welcome to apply). With this move, though, they’ve clearly made a choice. They chose discrimination over compassion; hate over love.

The four bishops leading the pull-out have been seeking an exemption, and Governor Mitt Romney is working on it. I, for one, am a firm believer that businesses and organizations should be allowed to pick and choose what they want to do and who they want to support, so long as they take their grimy little paws off my tax dollars. Sorry, Catholic hate-mongers, but if you want your precious tax breaks, you’re going to play by the rules accepted by enlightened society. If you’d rather slink off back to the Dark Ages to fiddle with your torture devices and pretend you still run the world, then put down the god damned money and go. Please, go.

As an aside, I don’t suppose this means that Catholic Charities is going to redirect those funds into handing out condoms, sponsoring sexual education, and building new abortion clinics, right? No, somehow I get the feeling that they’ll keep encouraging people to pump out the babies. Leave them in dumpsters and public bathroom sinks. Keep them in crumbling tenements, six to a bed. Toss them into the system, where some other charity might be able to sweep them up. After all, life is precious.

Here’s the Boston Globe article.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Pretty pathetic, isn't it? Thanks for highlighting this Rebecca – living in Texas, I hadn't heard about it yet. This highlights quite starkly one aspect of the blatant hypocrisy inherent in organized Christianity in general, not just the Roman Catholic Church.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that organizations, institutions, and individuals have the right to associate with whomever they want to – but when they agree to accept tax-deductible funds, they have to comply with certain rules and regulations. If they are not willing to do so, they have no business accepting the funds. It's sad that this particular organization is more concerned with maintaining the bigotry of their religious insitution rather than fulfilling their stated mission of bringing families together.

  2. Fuck, can't I go *one day* without being pissed about some religious asshats doing something stupid? Man. Now I have to post about this on my site….

    Dammit. But thanks for the heads up – you shall be linked to!

  3. I say good riddance. People talk a good talk about all the great work religious organizations do, and sometimes with good reason, but there are many excellent secular organizations that are willing to do the same good deeds — and sans the bigotry or religious agenda.

  4. Of course, Bush just upped the "faith based" government handouts as well. I imagine the Catholic Charities will have access to federal dollars for their programs as well as maintaining tax exempt status. Of course it is rarely mentioned as well just how much money the Church has in those Vatican vaults that they aren't using for charity, but I digress.

    I have had my blood pressure up twice in just the last day or so over this sanctimonious religious bigotry against gays. There was a very good debate televised on CSPAN yesterday between Republican religious representatives and Democratic common sense reps. (Yes, that was a biased statement, so what?)

    [The debate: "Catholic Politicians in the U.S.: Their Faith and Public Policy"

    search at this site, omit the "":

    and you will get a variety of links to the debate. I don't know if a webcast or transcript is in there but if not, one will likely be posted at the site or the CSPAN site eventually.]

    The second event was a televised debate between King County , WA, executive, Ron Sims, and a prominent black minister who I think is going to run against Sims in the next election but I'm not sure. Ron Sims is also a black minister but has been our county exec. for many years. The debate was over legalizing gay marriage here in King County.

    What both of these debates had in common that was most disgusting (among many things) was the straight face these religious fanatics put on when they claim they don't hate gays and aren't bigots. They "love" gays and want to save them. And they claim Christians are the ones being discriminated against! Come again?! Because those not of their faith object to LAWS that make everyone conform to their faith Christians are being discriminated against!


  5. I was surprised and disappointed to read that they just packed up their program and got out of the adoption business…I suppose it is better after all, for abandoned children to go to normal "straight" homes…ya know, a normal American home (with multiple divorces, emotionally wounded step-kids, domestic violence, adultery)…yeah, rather that than to two people who had to work harder than I can imagine to establish themselves as a family (and may possibly appreciate it much more) Yeah…we wouldn't want that…god would be pissed.

  6. That's pretty lame. Hopefully some of the workers or the donors that still want to help the kids will start something new.

  7. Great Blog. Let me see if I understand this correctly. It is acceptable to hide the fact that some priests sexually abused children (and thus let them keep doing it), but not to find good loving homes for children? Sounds like the Catholic Church thrives on abused and broken children, the more they create the better. This news made me vomit. It is sickening. (the news not the blog)

    Thanks for posting it.

  8. I see– The priests won’t help find good homes for the children, cos it would be “bad” for them. on the other hand, a priest can fuck as many catemites as he wants, and that’s alright.

    I would think that LOVE and JUSTICE would take precedence in religious circles over who fucks whom up the arse. But I guess that’s just evil satanic atheist type talk.

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