A Day in the Death

Get your credit cards ready, because coming up on pay-per-view is a John Lennon seance!

“People say this is disgusting, and I accept that criticism, but we’re making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible,” said Paul Sharratt, who heads Starcast Productions . . .

So at least he admits that it’s disgusting. Maybe that’s the first step. Oh, he also produced an earlier seance starring the deceased Princess Diana.

Sharratt himself is a “non-believer,” and admits to not being totally convinced otherwise after psychics attempted to contact the dead princess in the 2003 program. Nevertheless, it made for some great television, he said.

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Let’s recap: he admits it is disgusting. He admits he doesn’t believe in psychics. He is knowingly perpetuating a fraud and dragging John Lennon’s corpse through the mud in order to make money. How does he sleep at night? Oh yeah, on a giant pile of money.

Speaking of, they’re even going to try to get some new music written from beyooond the graaaaave! Let’s hope we get another Revolution and not another, I dunno, Octopus’s Garden. No matter what, though, I’m sure the new single will sell well. Look at all the great material Tupac put out for years after his death!

“Lennon was very interested in the spiritual world. It’s a natural follow-up to the Diana seance,” he said.

Let’s hope the natural follow-up to this isn’t attempting to contact the spirit of Ringo Starr’s career.


Rebecca Watson

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  1. It's easy to understand why Revolution is a great song and Octopus's Garden isn't. John wrote the former, Ringo the latter. Ringo wrote only a handful of the Beatles' tunes, and they are all easily recognizable as his work. They all suck.

  2. My guess is that Yoko Ono is getting a cut of the take. Yes, this type of fraud is disgusting and unethical. Amazing how the Woo Woo crowd touts ethics and yet supports this fraud.

  3. I wonder what the faux John Lennon will say? That everything is fine on the earth and going according to a master plan? That George Bush is God's servant?

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