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Lust and Chuckles

I am staring at my tea. Green and watery, tepid tea. I am putting more hot water in and holding it up against my cheek. Warm. Nice.


And thus is the state of my brain on this beautiful sunny morning. I was, needless to say, at a party last night. Friend and Skepchick blog-reader Joe nearly convinced me I should write today about workplace masturbation. I was wrong, Joe, and you were right — the idea did lose its luster in the sobering light of morning. What an odd metaphor that was. Also: “luster.” I looked it up because I couldn’t believe it was spelled like that for some reason. And apparently it cannot also mean “one who lusts.” Luster. British: lustre. Blue Luster: GLISTENING MEDIUM BLUE WITH MATCHING BEARD, LARGE RUFFLED FLOWER, HEIGHT: 38″

Photo added for the sake of those who need the pretty pics to stay attentive (ATTN: Joe).

I am happily bemused that yesterday’s topic, which upon posting I considered frivolous and silly, has inspired such thoughtful responses. The current intellect of my readership bodes well for the future of this blog, since it means that regardless of the blather I write, someone will save the day.

I have received a number of e-mails from people who found Skepchick through an article in the recent Skeptical Inquirer. I haven’t picked up my copy yet, so I have no idea what they’ve said about us, but I assume it must be positive. Everyone who doesn’t have a subscription, please purchase the issue post haste, and then maybe write a letter or three to the editor congratulating the organization on their fine taste in subject matter.

I have also been informed that my picture is in the most recent issue of Pensar, the Spanish version of Skeptical Inquirer. Regarding the caption, does anyone here know what puta means?

Someone just posted in the forum that Skepchicks is mentioned in The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist. I just downloaded it and skimmed through, and it looks like a good resource. I’ll give a more careful read when my brain starts chugging again.

Did you click on that iris link up there? Did you notice there’s an iris named “Chuckles?” And one named after that band, “Starsailor?” Thank goodness for the good souls.

Tomorrow: 30% less rambling.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Puta means free spirited, economically suppressed or drug addicted woman.

    I also assume most know about the Skeptics Annotated Bible? Also a good resource.

    The Quatrain Search Engine is a good one for finding the real quote when one is presented with a fake or distorted one that supposedly foretells the future.

    And you can search the Koran here:

    And the Brick Testament is just plain fun.

    Beautiful flower and image of spring but it snowed last night here and now it's just cold slush. There's more Sun everyday at least. And a new comet in the sky, that's a good thing.

  2. ‘Puta’ means ‘whore’. Unless you’re speaking about the Roman goddess of pruning vines and bushes.

  3. Dave, I think we all knew what puta meant. I like my definition more, though the goddess pruning vines sparks some interest..

  4. Well, it's for someone else to decide if I qualify as a puta, I guess. But I did write an essay that talks about masturbation… and for a knitting website no less! I called the issue "Safe Sex and Dangerous Knitting". The safe sex part is here:

    On a related (or not) topic, I have had a love-hate relationship with women's magazines for my whole life. I think they do have some great stuff that can free women from some stereotypes and ass-backwards "traditional" roles, but they also reinforce other stereotypes. I talk a bit about how Cosmo helped me avoid total sexual repression when I was a teenager in the aforementioned essay…

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