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How Patreon is Changing the DIY Movement

I recently hosted a meetup for my LAWAAG group with a speaker named Teka-Lark Fleming who gave a very fascinating talk about the history of the DIY movement in Los …

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How to Be StarLord/StarLady for Halloween, Cosplay, or Because It’s Monday!

A few months ago, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and immediately decided that I had to cosplay as StarLord at DragonCon. I’ve dressed up for a few previous cons, …

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ICYMI: January 20 – January 26 on the Skepchick Network

I see you there. It’s OK. You don’t have to hide. I’ve got some sa-weet Skepchick Network posts for you. So come on in. This blog’s for you. Teen Skepchick …