Jon Brewer

In other news, red/green/brown clique at it again! I get it now, "intersectionality" means "arrogating Indians into whatever without asking us first".


Jay Sean, love his solo works. 'Do You Remember' excellent lyrics, tune & album (All Or Nothing), my son did a dance on this one.

John the Drunkard

Debate? That would mean at least pretending to listen to evidence. Who needs it, when you can spew lies ex cathedra, and claim that anyone who blinks at you is…


Scientists should know perfectly well that the word "chemicals" used in a discussion with the public does not mean the same thing as it does when addressed to other scientists.…


Actual skeptic: "Oh there were discrepancies in reporting that caused some misalignments between the predicted values and the actual values, and resolving the discrepancies in reporting brought things much closer…

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Are Computer Screens Ruining Children?

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2017 Psychic Predictions (and the 2016 Predictions I NAILED)!

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