Is that really the same thing though? I'm not freaked out by periods in general, when they happen in close proximity, or discussions of them. I don't shame people to…


Coincidentally there was this report in the news today (related to one of Lindy West's themes) The outcome was positive, I think.

Amy Roth

I find it so fascinating that people get freaked out by talk about periods. It's one half step away from being upset when women breast feed in public. A natural…


I'm about half way through the book this morning. Anyone else just starting? I empathize with a lot of how she feels about be unpicked and how she feels about…


They didn't seem fawning over Dawkins when I listened to the episode about that. I certainly didn't like the way they glossed over the fact that the reason for his…

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Organized Atheism: Isn’t That an Oxymoron?

It’s rare that we spend time on Skepchick defending organized atheism, but every now and then someone makes a comment so ignorant that I just have to throw it back to …