I don't doubt you are in this for the right reasons. Generally though I wouldn't give people advice unless they ask for it. Particularly if they get a lot of…


namidim, I agree with what you are saying. I could share a few tips on motivation, but: 1. I will be accused of being a smug asshole - maybe not…


I'm sorry, #cuntfusing the issue? Fuck you, buddy.

John the Drunkard

I'm skipping past all the enraged 'accepters.' 14 subjects is not a scientific sample. But it is a clear demonstration that the fat-shaming, eating disorders, and self-battering exercise actively promoted…


To be clear, the article you linked to references what I would call "false" legalization. We did the same thing during prohibition - you could make and sell alcohol, if…

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Organized Atheism: Isn’t That an Oxymoron?

It’s rare that we spend time on Skepchick defending organized atheism, but every now and then someone makes a comment so ignorant that I just have to throw it back to …