Filias Cupio

This has been one of those occasions when a connection you'd never seen before suddenly becomes obvious. When I was at high school, we learned a comic song about Lilly…


You can send it in through the "contact us" form or just make a comment (I get comments on my posts emailed to me so I see them even if…

Jon Brewer

Oh, BTW, how do I submit an article about a certain pol's remarks? Or would that be going off the reservation.

Jon Brewer

wrt: racism in medicine, I can point to more than one epidemiological prediction about Indians that proved (thankfully) a paper tiger.

Jon Brewer

I refer to bathroom bills as the It's OK To Peek At The Urinal Act of 2016. #WideStance

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science spanking rebecca watson

The Science on Why Spanking Kids is Wrong

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: A new metanalysis examined the past 50 years of research and found that there is incredibly strong evidence to suggest hitting …