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Note from Rebecca Watson: this is a very small portion of the hate! I’ve blocked most of the haters and so these days I only see a small trickle of what gets thrown at me. This (so far) doesn’t include entire blogs devoted to me, videos people have made about me, or actual, credible threats that have been reported to authorities. I’ll update this post as I see fit, and if I have the time and the energy I’ll organize it. More likely, I’ll “hire” an intern to do it. Any volunteers??

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Rape, Murder, Violence

from itballifier

please stop being such a fascist maniac, please.


You deserve the death nazi scum.

from fartsam08

Hello I am a man which must mean I am evil and want to put my dick inside you! BEWARE OF MEN RAAAAH!!!

You stupid ignorant cynical sexist fuck. Please remove yourself from his Earth.

from mangofreezy
I hope you die you fucking retard that guy didn’t deserve to lose his job because your slutty fucking shit face didn’t take his compliment. GO DIE IN A FIRE.

One Stalker

Another Stalker

Bitch, Cunt, and other Gendered Insults

from raywllaimjohnson

You get offended when I guy ask you for some coffee? Yeah, your a complete bitch.

Getting Me Fired

Please take that stupid cunt, Rebecca, off of your show.

Uncategorized (Thus Far)

from 699backstab

You are subhuman
More sperm as a young woman would have cured your now demonstrable psychological disconnect with reality. Remember that you aren’t important. remember that you are just
1/7 000,000,000. Remember that you will, on your best day not make it anywhere near any man on His worst day. You don’t have the brainpower, the integrity, the fortitude, the will power and the drive to build the species like men do. You offer nothing but a place to drain sperm into and make more men.

You need to understand that you are nothing more than a vagina. You are the masturbatory device that cleans itself and judging by your outward appearance, not very well. If you would learn to stop talking your stock would go up dramatically and maybe you might gain some friends. Maybe even a man may want to fuck you, for pity.

You are the result of cowardly weak parenting and a society that has allowed you to get away with your disrespectful shenanigans. Don’t ever disrespect a man again. Good girl.

I am pleased that we had this one sided conversation where I commanded you to comply and you have promised to do so.

Regarding your videos. You are uninteresting, arrogant and as funny as milk. Wear a dress and put your hair up. Find a treadmill and drop those unwanted pounds. Men will find you slightly less repulsive and again maybe in a drunken stupor one might find, in a continuous series of dry heave convulsions, His way to draining inside you.

Remember what you have agreed to do and that your entire false platform is built upon the intellect and labor of your superiors, Men to whom you owe everything.

from TornadoCreator

Your sexist, hate filled anti-men preaching makes my skin crawl. You disgust me. You claim it’s sexual harassment when men ask you out, well how else are they to? express an interest in you and find out if you reciprocate? You fail to realise that these men are showing an interest in you because they see something in you they like for some bizarre reason. Surely this can be nothing but a compliment.

I can assure you now, you’ll most likely be very much alone because you’re just so very ugly, not physically, but personally. You’re bitter and bigoted. A person who I can’t imagine anyone enjoying the company of, especially men. I genuinely feel sorry for you, you must be very lonely.

from MrVelociraptor10

you are a fucking idiot, im sure since you were not from that country you didn’t know that coffee, in a polite way is not the same as, come to my room i want to rape you! but im sure coming from a country where men are little fucking girls that seemed intimidating to you

from zkriski

Feminism vs Atheism
Hey feminazi, when are you going to realize that your views as a feminist are incompatible with the modern atheist movement? When are you going to stop speaking for me as an atheist? I am an atheist and I hate feminism. You do NOT speak for me! I don’t want to hear about “patriarchy theory” or the bogus “1 in 4” rape statistic the next time I go to an atheist meeting. Feminism is strongly based on marxist ideas and social constructivism. I am strongly opposed to both of those philosophies. They are absurd and unscientific. I believe in scientific realism, which is incompatible with feminist ideology. So get the hell out of my movement you poseur!

from decapitationofcattle (ED: most recently favorited video: gun show)

You are an Idiot
How fucking stupid are you seriously. A guy asks you for coffee and you flip out WTF you stupid motherfucker. He asked for COFFEE it’s not like he asked you to suck his dick geez. And another thing if a guy finds you interesting thats a GOOD THING you should be flattered by this not freaked out. Are you gonna avoid every guy that talks to you. You say that men should not be sexist yet you do the same by thinking every guy wants to have sex with you. People fuck get the fuck over yourself and grow the fuck up. Oh and btw go get laid you stupid fuck maybe you will be less of a dumb cunt. I guess you are ungrateful that your dad fucked your mom because if it were not for that you would not have been born. So go get fucked in the cuntflaps okay

from codern (ED: age on profile: 31)

You have a fish face
refer to headline…

from codern

Take a hint!
Take a hint you dumb cunt! NOBODY likes you! Get off youtube! You are your sexist idiocy has destroyed you, you will always be hated throughout the rest of your life. You fucked yourself! Now if you should be bitching about anybody…

from adisc48

Your videos have inspired me.

from nickacil

Wow, you are the very worst YouTube video person I’ve actually viewed.

You are a joke.

Why do you want to piss off a bunch of strangers?

Who the FUCK are you?

from ut2k4wikichici

I am a Femanist
Not, your a stupid bitch.

from Panginiomatrix
I support you.
I have just castrated myself and want to ask;Do you want to come to my place for coffee?

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  • I honestly don't think I could handle this sort of abuse. This page & for e.g. the female Guardian columnists description of constant sexually degrading mail, have put me off expressing myself in any public way- Thank you to all you women who do make your voices heard.
    p.s. at least this nauseating series of messages provides a good resource/confutation to the guys who brush this stuff off as 'robust humour' or 'vigorous debate' without actually being aware of the level or sheer volume of it. I hope?