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    This week, one of my patrons requested some good news. It’s true, basically all of my videos recently have been super depressing. The r […]

    • There is lots of research on this, on the role of oxytocin on health. I have been following it because it relates to my nitric oxide stuff.
      It isn’t just ‘falling in love’ that improves health, doing anything positive for people makes you more healthy. Doing negative things to people make you unhealthy and will cause PTSD.

      ICE is going to have a whole lot of PTSD in agents from what they are doing to those refugee children.

      In rats, giving them stuff to make nests out of accelerates wound healing.


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    You know, I’m tired of talking about divisive, hot-button political issues. Let’s talk about something that’s just pure, uncon […]

    • > They found that gun owners were 18 times more likely than non-gun owners to threaten someone with gun violence.

      Maybe I’m missing something, but why would this be surprising? Why would you threaten someone with gun violence if you don’t have a gun?

      • Why the phrase “gun violence” is more harmful than useful.

        Anyway, 1.21? How many do you need?

        At a bare minimum, suicides would be a case for psychological counseling. Accidents, not so much; you really need education there. (And not movies. Seriously, no matter how many guns are in movies, I’m convinced no one in Hollywood has ever so much as held one.) Homicides, maybe some background checks? And throw illegal dealers in prison, perhaps?

    • Hey MRAs, one thing that Rebecca didn’t mention is that men have a higher rate of completed suicides because men use guns way more than women! So if you want to save men, work on gun control, it’ll save men’s lives!

      And then fuck outta here with most of the rest of your shit.

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    Lesbians! Where do they come from? How did they get here? What do they want from us? VAGINAS?? Well, thanks to some “scientists” at the Uni […]

    • The existence of non-het folks is an immediate refutation of the whole basis of evo-psych. Not to mention the prevalence of non-reproductive sex among heterosexuals.

      Take your six-shooter out and put six holes in the side of the barn. Then paint a target around each hole. Every hole becomes a perfect, retroactive, hit. Take any social phenomenon, invent a sciency-sounding evolutionary back-story…hey presto! you can be a YouTube expert too!

      • One evo psych guy told me all women are bi. Men are never bi as well.

        At that point, you’re not hypothesizing. You’re masturbating.

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    The best show on television right now is The Good Place and I will hear absolutely no argument against it. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and so f […]

    • I just like that the willful blindness wrt: human rights violations in China is finally over.

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    I’ve made a few videos about genetic testing, most of which involve me sort of defending it being open to the general public. To sum up, I t […]

    • Yeah, you’d be surprised at the defense of genetic determinism, even from people who really should know better. (And yes, if you say “a gene for X”, I’m going to demand a protein for X as well, not just a weak correlation.)

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    About once a month I have the dubious honor of feeling my uterus contract in an effort to rid itself of its lining because I have once again […]

    • Can we discuss how this doubly hurts black women? To the point where SERENA FUCKING WILLIAMS almost died in childbirth because her doctors didn’t believe her about her own body?
      To the point where black mothers have a tragic mortality rate during childbirth, and there was that study that black people are given fewer painkillers by EMTs

      • In fact, in the 19th century, there was a whole “they don’t feel pain” meme as part of the larger “racial differences in brains” memeplex. Yeah, it’s fucking horrible, so of course the 19th century had it.

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    Donald Trump does a lot of stupid, and sometimes straight up evil stuff like, you know, shutting the entire government down because he wants […]

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    Look, I get it, lots of people hate transgender people. Like most hatred, it’s based on ignorance — ignorance of genetics (it’s either XX […]

    • I wonder what the people assigned “deep sea worm” are going to use for public washrooms. I’ve not seen that designation anywhere . . mind you, I’ve not been to Utah.

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    One of the myriad ways humans have ended up in the shitty situation we currently find ourselves in (fighting about whether men are toxic or not, blowing […]

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    Late last year, a bold new venture was launched to finally clean the plastic out of our oceans. It’s called Ocean Cleanup, and it’s bas […]

    • Engineers sexist? Hold the phone! No shit! XD

      Seriously this whole plastic bag addiction is a relatively recent development, starting in the early nineties.
      Before that we all used to get paper bags from the supermarket.
      It was the usual thing of trying to shave a few lousy cents off the cost per customer.

      This environmental clusterfuck is easy to roll back, given the will to do so. We have the technology!

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    New year, new you! Old you was lazy and dumb. New you is productive and smart! And of course, old you was fat while new you is sexxxy. […]

    • So many studies of weight loss fail because of self reporting in which people are bound to fool themselves. In fact if calorie intake AND usage is not strictly monitored in a weight loss study, it can have no scientific value at all.

      This is why I weep at so many of the Michael Mosely documentaries, which would otherwise be interesting – the opportunity was right there, they had a good idea, they had the volunteers, but usually they manage to flub it in some way.

      IDK, fuckin doctors, they look like scientists, they talk like scientists, but as Einstein said, there isn’t a single scientist among them.

      Speaking of which, in the last study, where was the control group??

    • But also, umm, where can I sign up as a volunteer for one of these cannabis studies? XD

    • I believe cannabis users have a higher caloric intake.

    • If a study measures ‘x’ and finds it statistically insignificant, reporting that fact obviates the need to answer “Yabbut, did you consider/measure ‘x’?” over and over again.

      • Yes. It may just mean that larger numbers are needed.
        A statistically insignificant effect may still be important.

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    Big astronomy news, everyone: NASA is currently exploring the most distant object humans have ever reached! It’s a rock that’s located abo […]

    • I don’t understand… if almost 20 years online have taught me anything, it’s that the entertainment values of cats and the number 69 are individually infinite, and yet we’re being told that saying “mew 69” is boring? Something Is Amiss!

      • Apparently.

        The Nazi thing is kinda interesting. The Nazis were big on Blavatsky and Steiner, I know that. So, yeah, now you not only have Atlantis (and this is where it became completely unmoored from the actually somewhat plausible Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias into the crystal technology Atlantis we now think of), but three additional lost continents, and each of them has its own “root race”. They were also big on homeopathy because Hahnemann was a German, and the Welteislehre because the mind which imagined that little bit of nonsense was an Austrian.

    • > I had never heard of the Nazi legend of a place where enormous honkies strode the frozen landscape

      Honkies? Why not crackers? Wouldn’t crackers preserve really well in the dry, frozen Tundra? What have you got against crackers, Rebecca? :-)

      > The Internet, which is currently flooded with Nazis. …a place absolutely infested with Nazis…

      Flooded? Infested? I think you are giving these asshats more credit than they deserve. I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and the amount of material denouncing Nazis, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. is orders of magnitude beyond the amount of material promoting them. About the only time I read anything at all about Nazis is when I read something about how evil (pathetic is more like it) they are. I just typed “nazi” into Google and the first three pages are from sources like Wikipedia, the BBC, the Holocaust Museum, Britannica, the New York Times, the Atlantic, Smithsonian, The Guardian, The Telegraph, etc. I didn’t look beyond three pages, but I think it’s fair to say that finding positive, promotional material about Nazis will take some dedicated research. Let’s not make these jagoffs into bogeymen. They are a few sad, pathetic, ignorant morons who exert no more influence over modern society and culture than any other fringe group.

    • Well dang! What WERE results one through six?
      Rocky McRockface is still better than 2014 MU69.

    • Insert Operation Paperclip joke here.

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    At the end of each year I like to offer my psychic predictions for the coming year. As a reminder, I do not think psychic powers exist even […]

    • You’re gonna take a walk in the rain and you’re gonna get wet, I predict
      You’re gonna eat a bowl of chow mein and be hungry real soon, I predict

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    Bodily fluids. Is there anything more precious? Which is why conspiracy theorists the world ‘round are terrified of the things that may be i […]

    • I like how you started with precious bodily fluids. I wonder how many anti-fluoride types know that was a real John Birch Society conspiracy theory. “Poe” could very well stand for Purity Of Essence. (It doesn’t. But it’s nice to pretend.)

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    Oh my goodness, people want Santa Clause to be gender-neutral, what is this world coming to, oh my, we truly live in whatever the non-binary […]

    • I got it! Female for all things related to children, male for all things related to pawn shops. (That logo on pawn shops? That’s St. Nicholas’ three sacks.)

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    If you follow me on Twitch, you know that I have a “gaming PC” that is a pile of junk that often freezes or freaks out in some way. The onl […]

    • Could you do a similar takedown of the MA quack ass that’s using “shock therapy” on kids with disabilities, because he saw a movie once?


    • Brilliant takedown, Rebecca, you seem to have hit most of the salient points.

      I particularly like the paragraph about the cost/benefit analysis involved because it’s all too easy to sit in an armchair with 20/20 hindsight and point fingers at the horrors involved, but it’s a totally different matter when you yourself are facing the difficult choices. This in a society where it seems to be mandatory to legislate that nothing bad happens to anybody, ever.

      I also like the part about the ambulance chasers and their detrimental effect on everybody except the fucking lawyers. This once was a purely American phenomenon, but now appears increasingly across the Western world.

      Speaking of costs though, another burgeoning phenomenon is that mental health seems to be particularly poorly funded in all Western countries, with the result that rich people get treatment and poor people get fucked over. Needless to say this is shameful, inequitable and makes my blood boil.

    • Also, only two “fucks” in three paragraphs? Either I’m getting more sanguine in my old age or I’m losing my edge!

    • I am glad you mentioned ketamine. Results so far have been cautiously optimistic.

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    I talk about p-hacking all the time — that’s the thing where a scientist manipulates their data to make it look like they got a s […]

    • Huh, good on you for calling out this BS, Rebecca.
      Of course, we have Joy of Cooking just like your folks.

      I also have a whole bunch of classic recipes from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother going back to the turn of the 19th century because guess what, I like the old classics.

      News flash, I can get fat or get thin on the old recipes as easily as with new ones, according to how much I eat.
      Fuckn Nobel Prize winning research here, I must publish.

      Now, how do I upload to You Tube again?

    • I think the ob/gyn gives out copies of What to Expect when You’re Expecting as well. So, I’m guessing your mom has that book too.

      I’m guessing Wasink is popular with the National Restaurant Association? I mean, assuming they’re not still denying the connection between calories ingested and weight gain. (Or with modern science, possibly specifically carbohydrate, since insulin is the weight-gain hormone.)

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    Designer babies! No, I’m not talking about babies wearing, like Burberry or Badgley Mischka or…I’m sorry, I don’t know any designer cloth […]

    • You gotta just love a so called Scientist who publishes his results as a You Tube video.
      Fortunately the Chinese National Health Commision is investigating.
      They take such matters very seriously.
      He will be lucky to escape punishment even more draconian than your excellent proposal.

      • Chinese government interested in truth. Good luck with that one.

        TBH, He is disturbing for reasons beyond the mere ethical concerns of this case. We’re dealing with a resurgence of eugenics, and it antedates Trump’s interest in politics. (TBH, most of the eugenists were on the Clinton side. Just like the neocons and a bunch of other old enemies of mine.)

    • Update, He is under house arrest and could face the death penalty:-

      The Chinese Government takes a very dim view of corruption.

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    As a card-carrying man-hating feminist, I think it’s time I finally weigh on the great debate of our time: whether or not the song “Baby It’ […]

    • It’s really remarkable that our species has been so successful when the act required for procreation causes so much confusion, strife and angst. I say let’s all just have a Merry fucking Christmas!

    • Thanks for the reminder. The song is as sex-positive as it dared to be in the late 40s. Supposedly, Frank Loesser and his spouse preformed it as a ‘go home’ message at parties for years before anyone would record it.

      A quick wiki-check hints that there was no Xmas association to the song until the 1990s. I performed it in college back in 1977 and there wasn’t a whiff of Christmas anywhere near the song at that point.

      ‘What’s in the drink?’ is a pretty straight allusion to the (then and now normal) ‘plying with…’ use of alcohol as a dating ‘lubricant.’ And THAT deserves a flow of outrage that doesn’t seem to be happening.

      • The

        Candy is Dandy but liquor is quicker is a line from a 1931 poem by Ogden Nash.

        In the 1960’s, he added the line ‘pot is not’.

    • This is all fair, except she does at one point come out and say “I really must go, the answer is no”, and ignoring that is a very problematic message when we have consent issues.

    • To be fair, though, Mickey Finn was from before Prohibition. So it’s not like the idea of intentionally drugging someone in food or drink was nothing new. Though for him it was more of a “15% minimum please”.

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    The internet is up in arms about the CDC this week, because they announced that we shouldn’t be eating raw cookie dough due to the danger o […]

    • Consider yourself lucky! I happen to really love raw hamburger. Risk/benefit is still strongly aligned toward benefit, in my case!

      • It also has meant, during my college years, explaining to my grandmother repeatedly that, no, the E. coli I was working with wasn’t that E. coli.

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