• Malfeitor commented on the post, Why I’ve Left SGU, on the site Skepchick 4 years ago

    First heard you and the SGU while looking for Adam Savage interviews. The TAM5 interview was one of the search results. I have been listening ever since. I’m sorry you are going and you will be missed a great deal. I know the show will still be my favorite but, it will not be the same without your humor, quick wit and “Hello everyone!” Good luck!

  • My girlfriend recently turned me on to “All About That Bass”. I didn’t really care of it at first but, I have to admit it’s growing on me. You can’t help but getting it stuck in your head! When I saw the video a couple days ago I concede I was not expecting it to being a white woman, in much the same way I was surprised the song “Thrift Shop”…[Read more]