Yay~ I missed these. Not that I don't like your vids, Rebecca, I just already get updated on them when they appear on Youtube :D


Just a quick note, the pilot of Vostok 5 was Valery Bykovsky, who went on to pilot Soyuz 22 and 31. Great as always.

John the Drunkard

Hmm. I've only seen reports on Friendly Atheist, The Freethinker, and maybe Butterflies and Wheels. The big push there was that this was a Jesus tattoo. Also mentioned that the…

Melanie Mallon

Who cares who is stupid or smart? That's irrelevant. The CDC chart shows only the most affected subpopulations, which does not include white heterosexual men.


He was stupid for making the argument but you are not smarter. The CDC screwed up with the chart this guy used by leaving off "White Heterosexual Men".

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Happy Anniversary to the First Woman in Space!

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