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Another Sweet Plug: The Spirited Baker

Last week, Rebecca told you all about the deliciousness that is Ultimate Cupcakes. Today, I have another treat for you. Friend of Skepchicktm Marie Porter of Celebration Generation Cakes has a new cookbook out. It’s not just any old cookbook, either. The Spirited Baker is your gateway to turning your kitchen into an emporium of boozy sweets. I’ve been lucky enough to sample several of ... »

Why won’t Nature/Nurture just die already?

Although it’s been ostensibly debunked over and over again, the falsely dichotomous nature/nurture debate seems to have a solid foothold in our minds. Over at New Scientist last week, Evelyn Fox Keller made another attempt to dislodge this idea from the popular imagination. I think she touches on the answer: it’s not about science. It’s about self. It’s about imagination. i... »

Skepchick Quickies 9.24

The Texas State Board of Education is at it again. –  from Sam. Which scientists are likeliest to go mad? – Well, at least in fiction. Check out this nifty graph plotting mad scientists in literature by specialty. Video Games: Not just for boys anymore! – Cuz girls won’t participate in anything unless they get to have pink implements… Cute Animal Friday! – Leee... »

Let’s talk about racism.

A link popped up in my twitter feed today to a fairly in depth article by Tim Wise exploring the often overlooked ways racism can manifest in progressive and liberal movements. It struck me that this could speak directly to skeptical groups as well. If we are indeed concerned with fostering a diverse community, which will enable us to reach a broader base, these are important points to consider as... »

Media Mischief

It’s nothing new to see science misrepresented in the media. After all, this is one of our biggest battlegrounds as skeptics; trying to educate the public to see beyond sensational headlines to the nuance that often lies beneath. Bumming around on Twitter this evening, I noticed this article, pointed out by Friend of Skepchick tm The Friendly Atheist himself, Hemant Mehta. Atheist doctors &#... »

The Doorstop Problem

TAM8 was amazing, as advertised. It felt like a big family reunion. I loved seeing old friends, and especially meeting those of you I had only interacted with online previously. Thanks to all of you who introduced yourselves and chatted with me throughout the conference. It was great fun. But, as with many good things, there was a downside. I came home with an epic case of the con crud, and procee... »

Skepchicon is Imminent!

Just one week to go, kids! I’m working my ass off on finishing touches, but the Skepchick Spaceship is mostly go for launch! I’m very much looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there. You’re in for a fantastic weekend. Once again, all the relevant info on the weekend’s skeptical activities is available here. Be sure to look for Surly Amy in the Dealers’ Room for al... »

Make your own phantom footprints

This week, I accidentally discovered a cool way to freak out your friends. How did I figure this out? Well, I totally freaked myself out. I had a bit of a health scare the other day, and wound up spending most of the evening in the ER. I’m probably alright, just have to go in for some follow up testing to be sure. Anyway, coming home from the hospital, and feeling a bit groggy and out of it,... »

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