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Illustration of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

Skepchick Quickies, 4.25

Your logical fallacy is …. A handy, web-based guide. Should a dateless teen be banned from prom? (From Kirsten.) From Penny Arcade: bullying, misogyny and hate speech that occurs within the gaming community. (From Kyle.) Intelligence and other stereotypes:the power of mindset. »

Female scientist testing equipment

Skepchick Quickies, 4.23

Cryobots could drill into icy moons with remote fiber-optic laser power. I couldn’t improve on that sentence if I tried. Kids narrate the lives of wild animals for “Planet Earth”. (From Holly.) History, women and mathematics. “Oh, You Sexy Geek!” Geek girls and the problem of self-objectification. »

Cartoon of a blue male figure and two pink females, with one revealing a blue undertone

Skepchick Quickies, 4.18

“About 150 Afghan schoolgirls were poisoned on Tuesday after drinking contaminated water at a high school in the country’s north, officials said, blaming it on conservative radicals opposed to female education.” Couple sues landlord over a haunted house. “… a quick peek around the animal kingdom reveals that sex and animal behavior don’t always break down into neat &#... »

Santa character sketch for Super-Powered Revenge Christmas

Skepchick Quickies, 4.16

Intelligence and other stereotypes: the power of mindset. Interview with Sanal Edamaruku on the recent blasphemy harges against him in Mumbai, India for exposing a fake “miracle” claim of the Catholic Church. (From Josh.) Everything you never thought you needed to know about giant pandas’ tricky sex lives. Five Titanic myths spread by films. A couple of Kickstarters worth backing... »

Text quote from little girl's letter to Einstein

Skepchick Quickies, 4.11

Einstein’s advice to a little girl who wants to be a scientist. Tennessee ‘monkey bill’ becomes law. The science behind NYC’s new cabs. Genius lady scientist and radioactive superhero, Marie Curie. With finger puppets. »

Snapshot of timeline with a robot icon

Skepchick Quickies, 4.9

Hey, remember the “ovulating strippers make more money” thing? Turns out it probably isn’t reliable. (Via Jezebel.) Why some Civil War soldiers glowed in the dark. Are boys behaving more “like girls” in terms of when they lose their virginity? (From Michael.) An interactive timeline of planned future inventions. »

Women in cold weather gear beside sign for South Pole

Skepchick Quickies, 4.4

7 extreme female explorers. Arizona bill could criminalize Internet trolling. (From Michael.) Don’t die in Falciano del Massico – it’s illegal. The periodic table, in order: the song. »

Space shuttle on ground

Skepchick Quickies, 4.2

Decommissioning the space shuttles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report U.S. kids with autism up 78% in past decade. Friendly warning: you probably don’t want to read the comments there. Creating victims and then blaming them. 20 actual facts about Kirk Cameron that sound like April Fool’s jokes. »

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