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Quickies: Outhouses, Dinosaur Facts, and the Fake Publishers that are Ruining Science

  • 22 Tweets For Women Who Are Just So Done With Bullshit – SAME.
  • One reason young people don’t go into science? We don’t fail well – “For me as a scientist, this happened when I realized that one failure wasn’t the end of my career; I could grow intellectually to overcome failures. However, I only came to this realization when successful older science students shared their failures with me, including one who told me how she failed an exam her first semester.”
  • A 130-Year-Old Fact About Dinosaurs Might Be Wrong – “Put it this way: This is like someone telling you that neither cats nor dogs are what you thought they were, and some of the animals you call ‘cats’ are actually dogs.”
  • “Paging Dr. Fraud”: The Fake Publishers that are Ruining Science – “Last October, Christoph Bartneck, of the University of Canterbury, in New Zealand, responded to an invitation from the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics—Bartneck’s specialty is information technology—with a paper he’d written by typing ‘atomic’ and ‘nuclear’ on his iPhone and using auto-complete suggestions to write the rest. (There’s a video demonstration on his Web site.) Three hours after submitting the paper, Bartneck received a message saying that it had been accepted.”
  • Why We Think Outhouses All Had Crescent Moons in Their Doors – “The precise origin of the outhouse moon is probably lost to time, since detailed records on historic bathroom design aren’t exactly in great abundance. But whether it was a formerly gendered symbol that developed into an icon or a simple flourish that came to define our thinking, outhouse crescent moons are abundantly used on modern outhouses.”

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