Quickies: Bodyhacking, comic book butts, and vandalized petroglyphs


Amanda is a science grad student in Boston whose favorite pastimes are having friendly debates and running amok.

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  1. Ted and his brothers Cliven and his hideous clan so want to be like the founding fathers but they are much more like those hateful groups who disrespect and destroy anything that doesn’t feed their ego-driven worldview, namely the Taliban and Isis.

    A fundamentalist worldview, no matter to what foundation, is poison and must be stamped out.

    It’s time for these sovereign-citizen types to learn what happens when you disagree with the way modern societies thinks. They should count themselves lucky that the citizenry they disagree with will only jail them, it’s far more humane then the way their ancestors treated the previous occupants of “their” land.

    Also, I’m going to have to remember High Plains Grifter, that’s a good one.

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