Quickies: Real life SVU, medicalizing sex, period patents, and piebalds

  • To catch a rapist – “Prejudices about ‘real rape’ happen to dovetail with those rapes that are easier to investigate and prosecute. In a 2002 review of charging decisions made by prosecutors in three major cities…found that prosecutors were substantially more likely to file charges ‘if the victim was injured, if the suspect used a gun or knife and if there was physical evidence,’ and ‘if the victim reported the crime promptly’ or ‘if there were no questions about the victim’s moral character or behavior at the time of the incident.'”
  • The little pink pill that sparked a feminist war – Bad title, interesting article on the medicalization of sex. From Rachelle.
  • The wonderful world of period patents – From Rachelle.
  • Piebald mystery solved: Scientists discover how animals develop patches – “The formula could help scientists understand not just the variations of animal colourings but also more serious, related conditions called neurocristopathies that cause deafness, gut disorders, heart defects and cancer in humans when cells fail to move to the right positions.”
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