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Auctions for Science: Be Secular Galaxy T-shirt and Gamergate Embroidery Redux


In this week’s installment of “help us fund science education and we’ll give you something cool in return,” we are offering a Be Secular t-shirt with an ice-dyed Galaxy background, donated and hand dyed by Grounded Parents contributor Steph. And because it was so popular the first time around, Queereka contributor Jac has donated another handmade Gamergate embroidery for those who missed out the first time, this time with HEARTS.

Click here to bid on the Be Secular t-shirt (unisex size medium)


Click here to bid on the “Actually, it’s about ethics games journalism” embroidery.

Actually Hearts Bl

Or you can donate directly to SkepchickCon 2015, the science and critical thinking panels, activities, demos, and salons the Skepchick Network is hosting at CONvergence. in the form of panels, activities, demos, and salons–what we collectively call SkepchickCon.

Click here to donate to SkepchickCon!

If you’d like to help out but can’t afford to donate, consider donating an item or service for auction. We also need volunteers before, during, and after the con, such as with video editing and transcribing (no need to attend the con), recording panels, helping out with science and art activities in the Skepchick Space Lab during the day, and helping with the nightly party. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact me at skepchickevents [at]

Thanks for your support!

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