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Skepchick Sundaylies! Women Ruin Everything, The Brain Thief, and Anti-Vax Parents


Sunday Funny: Right Angles (via Tree Lobsters)

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 127: Kinetic-Molecular Model of Ideal Gases, Part 2
Mindy continues trying to parse the kinetic-molecular model of idea gases.

The Not So Beautiful Game, Step 9: In Which Our Narrator Blames Everything on a Woman and is Horrified by Mental Illness
In which women are girls who destroy everything wonderful and good.


The Brain Thief (en español)
Silvia reviews the great book El ladrón de cerebros (The Brain Thief) by science communicator Pere Estupinyà.

Grounded Parents

9 Things I Wish the Anti-Vaccine Parents Would Admit
Lisa, an ex-anti-vaxxer, wrote up this excellent piece on how dishonest the anti-vax movement is and what their real agenda is about.

Don’t be That Parent: Sad, Empty Lives of the Childless Edition
Lou responds to an article (from Thought Catalog in case you had any doubts) that claims that people who don’t have children live “empty lives.”

Secrets of a Badass Single Mother Runner
Steph is a working, single mother of two young children, and she’s also a runner. This is how she does it, in case you need some tips or motivation!

Featured image credit: davidd via Flickr

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