Quickies: The great molasses flood, 3D printing a tumor, and dating as an autistic woman


Amanda is a science grad student in Boston whose favorite pastimes are having friendly debates and running amok.

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  1. I feel compelled to say that one of the things that I absolutely adore about the Skepchick network is the coverage of intersection between non-neurotypical presentation and sex/gender identity. Even as a cis-, male, non-autistic-spectrum person, this is incredibly dear to me as a bisexual, otherwise-neuro-atypical, really-believes-in-justice person. So, many thanks for the toast article.

    1. Thank you so much! Intersectionality and representing diverse viewpoints is really important to us and it’s always wonderful to hear from readers who appreciate it.

      And though I’m not on the spectrum, the author’s experience of having her own self-identity ignored and ridiculed by others really resonated with me.

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