Quickies: Harassment, acetaminophen, and why Nintendo should move beyond white characters



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  1. July 26, 2014 at 11:04 am —

    The Nintendo situation is quite strange. It wouldn’t seem as odd if their cast were 100% Japanese (not better, mind you, but at least understandable), but all white? I wonder if that speaks to something in modern Japanese culture…

    Well, in any case, I hope this message gets through to the home office. I’ve heard much of the office has quite a problem listening to the desires of the rest of the world. This was what caused the initial Tomodachi Life same-sex marriage controversy – the localizers were much more in-touch, but they couldn’t change the game’s programming, and the home office wouldn’t listen to them about things like this. There are some positive signs, though, such as with games that allow character customization.

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