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Global Quickies: Brave Women, Questionable Police Merit, and More


A local human rights group reports that the young girls kidnapped from a school are being sold into marriage with their Boko Haram abductors for $12.

Calgary and Edmonton have declared a measles outbreak. The outbreak has been linked to dangerously low levels of immunizations.

Spain’s government is being taken to court over a minister’s decision to give the country’s top policing award to a statue of the Virgin Mary. The medal of police merit is normally reserved for police who have died in terrorist attacks.

In a country where strict abortion laws mean a woman can be charged with homicide for suffering a miscarriage, some women are fighting for the decriminalization of abortion.

The United Nations human rights office launched a great Bollywood-style video as part of its Free and Equal campaign championing LGBT equality and an end to homophobia.

Saudi Arabia has criticized Norway’s human rights record, accusing the country of failing to protect its Muslim citizens and not doing enough to counter criticism of the prophet Mohammed.

A night-club is under investigation and was forced to close for a week by the city’s licensing board for having a two-way mirror in the women’s bathroom.

A British backpacker died after drinking a psychedelic , miracle cure-all concoction given to a group of tourists by a shaman during a tribal ritual.

Featured image: “The Welcome” UN video

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  1. That link to the UK news story is nearly a year old (I live in Glasgow so remembering it all kicking off last summer). Love Global Quickies but it would be better if they were more relevant!

    • You’re right, sorry! I usually check the dates, but this was all over my Twitter feed and it didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t recent.
      If you have links that would be good for Global Quickies, please send them through the contact form.

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