Global Quickies: 27/07/13

Here is your weekly dose of international quickies. Lots of links in no particular order:

In Northern Pakistan, women are temporarily banned from going to the market alone so that men don’t get distracted during Ramadan. Unaccompanied women will be arrested.

We know Malala and Amina, but here are other kickass women from the Muslim world you’ll be glad to learn about. (From Critical Dragon1177)

Paleontologists dig out a very cool and unusually well preserved hadrosaur tail.

11-year old girl escapes her family who were forcing her to marry. She explains her situation and that of other children like her in an incredible video.

Ex-Muslim explains beautifully why she misses Ramadan.

Some Herbalife nutritional supplements banned because they should be considered drugs.

Commotion over a fish that turned into a tiny mermaid. Turns out it was an octopus.

Interesting discussion on the different roles of science journalism in developed and developing nations.

Job seekers are not only being discriminated against for their Chinese zodiac sign, but also their Western one.

Activists and NGOs are trying to stop the canonization (sainthood) of Pope John Paul II because of his role in protecting pedophile priests.

Three towns decide to expel all pregnant teenagers for being a bad example for the population and bringing in bad luck to the villages. This includes pregnant rape victims. (Trigger warning for violence)

Protests over government spending on the Pope’s visit turned violent in Rio de Janeiro.

UFOs on the Chinese border remain unidentified. Now they turned to astrophysicists for answers.

Thalidomide babies are still being born in Brazil, where the drug is prescribed to leprosy patients.

Female activist says she was assaulted during the UK Independence Party’s (Ukip) annual conference. (From Margaret)

A 16-year old girl was buried alive by her family for talking to boys.

Secretary of Health reveals there are between 70 and 80 illegal clinics for “treating” addictions and homosexuality where patients are often held against their will and tortured.

Talk show gives away abandoned babies to couples seeking to adopt.

Menstrual hygiene: millions of women are held back by shame around their most basic sanitary needs. (From Jamie)

Featured image of Yemeni girl from here.



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  1. July 27, 2013 at 11:47 pm —

    The situation in Turkey may not be an ‘honor killing’ seems that the grandfather was violent and the girl had reported him to the police for attacking her parents.

    Not that this makes it any less worse. But the murderer’s confession should not be taken at face value.

    • July 30, 2013 at 6:11 am —

      Thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to find confirmation or additional information on some of these items.

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