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Skepchick Quickies 11.18

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  1. Is Rebecca’s sloth attack coming later?

    The MSNBC page is messing up my browser, trying to load background links. Giving them a very bad rating for that on Web of Trust. Grrrr, I want to read that, too.

  2. A little anecdote on the unhelpfulness of clergy – Just a few months ago, my stepmum’s sister died very suddenly of a heart attack. This came out of the blue (she had a rare and previously undetected heart problem) and was quite a tragedy. Her son is in his late teens and her daughter is in her early 20s and had to come with her baby from another province to attend the funeral and make arrangements for cleaning and selling the house and finding a home for the son. Their family was quite religious, and attended a church regularly and had for years. Not a single member of the church sent flowers, visited, offered to help or even sent a card. The phone didn’t ring, the priest didn’t offer any consolation. This woman spent years devoted to this church and the congregation did nothing for her children. The daughter’s completely lost faith and has made her split with the church (she’s getting all in to paganism now). I found the whole thing very disappointing and sad.

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