Skepchick Quickies 1.31

Skepchick Quickies 1.31
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  1. Avatar of delphi_ote

    If “Confederate history” and “states rights” and “Southern heritage” remain acceptable and popular in the formerly traitorous states, maybe we should start publicly celebrating Sherman’s March in the North.

    • Avatar of Jack Leonard

      That sounds like a wonderful way to galvanize them against us.

      • Avatar of marilove

        Only if Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck started proselytizing. Otherwise, I don’t even ?think anyone would notice!

        • Avatar of criticaldragon1177


          They probably would notice actually, but I definitely don’t agree with Delphi_Ote’s idea. It think it would just make things worse.

          • Avatar of marilove

            I don’t know — it seems to me that the sort of people this would be directed at wouldn’t have any idea what to do until someone told them to be angry about it. Heh. But, no, I think it’s a rather sillly and unrealistic idea, anyway.

  2. Avatar of criticaldragon1177


    I find it upsetting that anyone outside of a racist hate group would celebrate and idolize someone like Nathan Bedford Forest, given the fact that he was the one who started the Klan, which is arguably America’s old terrorist organization. Its also upsetting that they’re basically denying the fact that the Klan began as a racist terrorist organization. In fact I think we could argue that if it wasn’t for groups like the Klan terrorizing blacks in the South, there might not have been segregation in first place. Its bad enough that they are ignoring important figures in the civil rights movement.

  3. Avatar of Grand Lunar

    Love to be able to go to the Calgary Secular Church.

    I wonder if such a church in the US would still get exemptions in taxes like chrisian churches do?

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