Skepchick Quickies 12.19

Skepchick Quickies 12.19

On December 19th, 1843, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol went on sale. Bah humbug!

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Mary Brock is a scientist who works on drugs you've hopefully never heard of. She enjoys cooking to Blue Grass music, messing with her cats, and hosting the Boston Skeptics' Book Club. She was born in the South but loves living in New England (despite the lack of chocolate chip pizza). Mary does not use Twitter and don't even try to follow her, because she is always looking over her shoulder.


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    Yesterday’s news but ugh, I’m lost for words:
    Karachi polio killings: Vaccination workers shot

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    I’m really starting to like George Take.

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    Thanks for the 26 moments. I really needed that.

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    By the way, I didn’t notice that thing about terry Jones until just now. I’m really glad they didn’t listen to his bigoted stupidity.

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    The scary thing about the health workers is that the CIA had done some fake work in the area that likely added to the anger of the Taliban

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    The story from the Onion about the final victory of the women’s rights movement (by finally putting a man in charge of it) is actually 5 years old, which explains why feminism is now an historical irrelevancy.

    [For the sarcasm-challenged, that was an example.]

    [[Or was it actually a new story with a fake dateline, showing that I am also sarcasm-challenged?]]

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    That’s a great series of Quickies, Mary. Some laughs, some interest and some very uplifting stories.

    Wish I had been in Times Square for that – awesome stuff!

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      Thanks, I do try not to make it too sad in the mornings! :)

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    So have they actually come up with a theory of Intelligent Design, or are they just criticizing evolution?

    People are trying to get intelligent design into textbooks, but nobody seems to have written it yet. I am unemployed. Clearly there’s no kind of requirements to be a scientist in the field. I could do that.

    I’m going to come up with a bunch of testable hypotheses for this fledgling science. Hey, where do you buy those lab coats?

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