Skepchick Quickies 10.30

Skepchick Quickies 10.30
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    I found it shocking that there are 31 states where a rapist can sue for custody of the child, and that’s not even as shocking as some other things Soraya Chemaly mentions.

    Glad you thought it was worth include. Far too many people are ignorant about the subject.

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    Totally unrelated to these news items folks, but how can I make a donation to the Red Cross or other relief efforts in such a way that it is identified as coming from an atheist organization? I seem to recall there was an organization that existed for that purpose.

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      As far as I know you can’t. Aren’t donations to the Red Cross anonymous?

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        I thought there was an atheist organization that existed as a conduit to aid organizations, so that we could later say that “Atheists donated $XXX to Hurricane Sandy relief.”

        • Avatar of DiscordianStooge

          Foundation Beyond Belief is probably dong a fundraiser.

          Some people don’t like them, because they have a religious out reach section that gives some money to religious orgs, but if you say you want money to go to Red Cross, I figure it goes there.

    • Avatar of Amanda

      I’m not sure, but I’ve asked the rest of the Skepchicks if they know how.

      And yes, I’m fine, thank you! Never even lost power, so I spent the day playing video games.

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        So, is at all over except for the cleanup?

        Did the subways flood?

      • Avatar of Grand Lunar

        Reminds me of when a tropical storm passed through Florida.

        Spendt all day watching DVDs.

        Of course, the storm was nowhere near Sandy’s intensity.

    • Avatar of freemage

      I think this might be a useful place to start:

      Secular Charities

      While this list dates back to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, I figure some of the organizations listed still make donations to the Red Cross as well.

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    Oh, and I hope Amanda is OK in Boston!

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    Susan Baker’s work is a testament to how science works! Her work has saved so many lives! How awesome is it that my friends and family have grown up during the Susan Baker generation of safety.

    • Avatar of Jack99

      It’s an amazing body of work. I was not aware that the same person was behind all that.

      It does demonstrate that a “statistical” approach can often point the way to appropriate solutions.

      I found the 3rd last paragraph interesting, items still in the pipeline: safety on stairs, a sprinkler system in new homes, and so on – good ideas!

      However, the last one, letting your teenager drive the good car – good luck with that one!

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    There’s such a mix of feelings with that rape article, I can’t express them all.

    If anything, it also shows the work that need to be done to make our culture aware of this situation and how unacceptable it is.
    First thing, I think, is to get rid of these definitions. As the quote went, “Rape is rape”.

    And that 31 states allow rapists custody?
    That bullshit has got to go, PRONTO.

    Nice letter by the 10 year old about her two dads.
    I wonder what Romny would think of it?

    • Avatar of Jack99

      Yes, rage and sadness. Unworthy of the greatest country in the world. But Australians have little to be proud of either on that score.

      I must find out if the custody thing happens here.

      More women in politics might be a good start – then you think Sarah Palin and no, you gotta be joking.

      • Avatar of Grand Lunar

        “More women in politics might be a good start – then you think Sarah Palin and no, you gotta be joking”

        Not sure if the word ‘think’ goes in the same sentenance with ‘Sarah Palin’. :)

        I say more intelligent women in politics.
        Like the ones that run Skepchick. Imagine how the US would change if THEY were in charge?
        Aside from “for the better”, obviously.

        • Avatar of Jack99

          Yep. I said a long time ago on this site, I want to see Rebecca run for President one day!

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    My heart goes out to everybody affected by the hurricane.

    I hope everybody in this community is OK – I keep thinking, is Scribe alright? And also the nice people who were so kind to us in NY – the hotel doorman, the Muslim cabbie who stopped to give money to a homeless guy, the homeless guy himself, and so on.

    However I also hear that Haiti has been severely affected and those guys are doing it extra tough cos they had nothing to start with.

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