Skepchick Quickies 8.1

Skepchick Quickies 8.1

Today is August 1st, and on this date (in 2001), Justice Roy S. Moore (Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court) had a monument of the Ten Commandments installed in the Alabama Judicial Building. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he carried this out at night without the knowledge of the other justices. I thought the Ninth Commandment forbade lying, but I guess subterfuge in the name of Jesus is just fine. Fortunately, the United States District court disagreed and both the statue and Justice Moore were removed from court. Thou shalt not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment (unless the Supreme Court says so).

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Mary Brock is a scientist who works on drugs you've hopefully never heard of. She enjoys cooking to Blue Grass music, messing with her cats, and hosting the Boston Skeptics' Book Club. She was born in the South but loves living in New England (despite the lack of chocolate chip pizza). Mary does not use Twitter and don't even try to follow her, because she is always looking over her shoulder.


  1. Do you mean to tell me that the three-eyed aliens from Toy Story have an inconsistent and unfair god?

    Wouldn’t be the first one, but still.

  2. I love how that article on God in Aurora totally got hijacked. That first comment is a brutal take down and then there are just pages of people agreeing with it.

  3. Lucky for us in Alabama, Roy Moore will almost certainly be re-elected this fall. *sigh*

  4. Can I nominate Colin on for a COTW?

    • Agreed. I went several pages into the comments and he was brilliant in every post he made.

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