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Comment of the Week!


Ooooh, I love me some clever rhymes, with extra points for a sassy, Seuss-y one!

Catch this week’s winners after the jump!This week’s out-of-context Honorable Mention from the Archives goes to Gheiste:

Does that mean the religions are right and sexual fantasies do lead people from God?

[Note: No.]

Our winner this week is siriuslunacy for this gem of an answer to Elyse’s AI:

I’ve never seen a purple cloud
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you right now
I’d rather see than pee one




Thanks to Skepchick alum Jill Powell for the sweet COTW art!

Remember to nominate your favorite comments by replying with a “COTW”.   I hope you all have a peaches and sweet cream weekend!

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