Thank You Hater!

Thank You Hater!

Isabel Fay and Clever Pie have created the greatest YouTube video of all time. Yes, better than that sneezing panda. Audio is occasionally NSFW, but fuck it, it’s Friday!

Noted freethinkers Isy Suttie, Richard Herring, and Josie Long all appear to read off some of their favorite troll comments. Full lyrics over on the YouTube page. It’s tough to pick a favorite line, but I really, really enjoy the refrain:

“Some might say you’re a sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin, but I say, ‘Thank you, beautiful stranger.’”

Thanks to Scott Sigler for sending this one along!

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  1. That video made me so happy I can hardly stand it.

  2. “You wished me cancer, and misspelled “cancer”
    But I know that it’s a metaphor: you hope that I will grow
    Just like the tumor you hoped would kill me
    Inside the tits on which you said you’d also like a go”

  3. Awesome! And was that Mickey from Doctor Who?

  4. That was wonderful. I pretty much lost it at the “leave Justin Bieber” alone comment.

    But better than sneezing panda? Now, now, let’s be reasonable.

  5. What a delightful video. So funny.
    I could really use a pick me a up after the disappointing 1-1 of Poland against Greece.

    @pascale68 Yep, that was Mickey from Doctor Who. And some of the best of British alternative comedy.

  6. Roflol, I think in future instead of replying to hateful comments they just get linked to this video. I lost it at the point misery bear showed up : D

    • Yep, I have it bookmarked. It’s the new Rick Roll for trolls.

  7. How wonderful! I need that in my play list.

  8. There are quite a lot of jerks on youtube.

  9. … fucking Sigler. Great video though!

  10. “You’re right about that laughing kid, he is a total cnut.” Brilliant.

  11. Absolutely brillant!
    And a great message too.

  12. The cursed ear worm that is the “sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic, cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin”.

    Can’t remove from my head!

  13. I am so happy that I got to introduce this to my eighteen year old daughter. Finally an internet meme I got to first! Yes!

    Of course, to be fair it is just the week before finals and she has actually been doing stuff for school. She being one of weird teenagers who wants to get good grades and all.

  14. Brilliant.

  15. Whoever posted this vdeio is a maron.

  16. Cheered me right up.

  17. Maybe cacner is something good, like an ice-cream whisky float.

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