Skepchick Quickies 6.18

Skepchick Quickies 6.18

On This Day: In 1983, astronaut Sally K. Ride became the first American woman in space on the space shuttle Challenger. She went on to become President and CEO of Sally Ride Science, an organization that works to create fun science programs and publications for kids in grades 3 – 8 (with a particular focus on girls).

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      omg lol

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        Pod F. Thomcast fan?

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          Definitely! I started listening to the Great Undiscovered Project in the middle. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever heard yet I could not stop. Since then I’ve gone back to the beginning and it makes slightly more sense.

          BTW his new DVD “Laboring Under Delusions” is also excellent. I’m not sure my wife enjoyed it as much as I did though.

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            He’s quite dry and not for everyone but I find him hilarious.

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    Haven’t had time to read all the links yet (I do have to work sometime, and I’ve been busy ranting about Psychology Today), nut there seems to be something a bout June…

    June 16, 1963: Valentina Tereshvoka
    June 18, 1983: Sally Ride
    June 16, 2012: Liu Yang

    Numerology or Astrology, anyone? Or selection bias, data mining, Texas sharpshooter fallacy?

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      I noticed that too. There’s even a cake for the Russian woman!

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    Dasmine Cathey’s story is quite complex and goes deeper than most of those heart-string-tugging, ESPN-style biographies found in sports journalism. Also:

    U. of Memphis to Revisit Athlete Admissions Policies in Response to Article

    • Avatar of Mary

      Thanks for the followup link. Yeah, I was really touched by his situation, there was no easy solution for him.

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